What benefits do Oyster peptides have?

What is an oyster peptide?

Oyster peptide is the application of peptide molecular biotechnology to the oyster processing process, and it is made into an oyster peptide by enzymatic hydrolysis. The small molecule oligopeptides formed by this production method completely retain the original vitamins, trace elements, taurine, and other nutrients of the oysters, so that the oysters rich in a nucleic acid can be absorbed faster than a single amino acid or protein after being ingested by the human body. It is easier to be absorbed by the body, has more important biological activity in human metabolism, and can effectively increase the serum testosterone level in men. Compared with ordinary oyster products, it has higher biological potency and more important physiological functions.

Conversion of amino acids to peptides

Why is oyster good for your health?

Oyster, as a high-quality mariculture shellfish, not only has the edible value of delicious meat but also its meat and shell can be used as medicine, which has high medicinal value. Oyster meat contains a variety of amino acids, glycogen, a large number of active trace elements, and small molecular compounds, and its shell contains a large amount of calcium carbonate.

Eating raw oysters

Oysters are rich in protein and zinc, which the human body lacks. Edible oysters can prevent dry skin, promote skin metabolism, and decompose melanin. It is a rare beauty sacred product.

Why is oyster peptide good for your health?

The main ingredient of oyster peptides is oysters, commonly known as sea oysters and oysters. They are a kind of shellfish that is abundant in coastal areas of our country and can be cultivated in large quantities. In foreign countries, oysters are traditional tonics. Deficiency, aphrodisiac, detoxification, replenish men and women’s qi and blood, make the skin delicate and prevent aging.” The main ingredient glycogen can quickly replenish and restore physical strength and can enhance the body’s immunity.

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The role and efficacy of oyster peptide

  1. Oyster peptide significantly inhibits platelet aggregation, can reduce blood lipids and TXA2 content in patients with hyperlipidemia, is beneficial to the secretion and utilization of insulin, and can increase the sensitivity of malignant tumor cells to radiation and inhibit their growth;
  2. The rich taurine in oysters has obvious hepatoprotective and choleretic effects, and it is also a good medicine for preventing and treating intrahepatic cholestasis during pregnancy;
  3. The rich trace elements and glycogen are good for promoting the growth and development of the fetus, correcting anemia in pregnant women, and recovering the physical strength of pregnant women;
  4. Oyster is also the best food for calcium supplementation. It is rich in phosphorus. As calcium is absorbed by the body, it needs the help of phosphorus, so it is beneficial to calcium absorption;
  5. Oysters also contain vitamin B12, which is lacking in general foods. The diamond element in vitamin B12 is an indispensable substance for preventing pernicious anemia, so oysters have the function of active hematopoiesis.
  6. The protein contained in oysters contains a variety of excellent amino acids. These amino acids have a detoxification effect and can remove toxic substances in the body. Among them, ethanesulfonic acid has the effect of reducing blood cholesterol concentration, so it can prevent arteriosclerosis.
  7. The zinc element is as high as 13.2 mg per 100 grams of oysters. Men’s daily consumption of one oyster can meet the body’s zinc needs.

Oyster peptides are suitable for the crowd

Its main consumer group is men, and its main ingredients include oyster peptide, yeast, and bovine collagen peptide powder. It has a very good effect in helping men solve some sexual problems. Therefore, when male friends have sexual dysfunction problems, The first thing that comes to mind is to use it to help you solve your problems.

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What does oyster extract mean?

The extract of oyster is an oyster peptide, oyster peptide itself is a kind of medicine extracted from oyster, and its main ingredient is arginine. This arginine can effectively increase the survival rate of male sperm, improve male sexual function, and regulate prostate diseases. In addition, it is also rich in vitamins and proteins, which can not only enhance the body’s immunity, but also lower blood pressure and blood lipids to a certain extent, and have certain preventive effects on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Oyster peptides can aphrodisiac is true or not, are there any side effects?

Peptides are actually the intermediate products of proteins and amino acids. Amino acids are connected by peptide bonds to form compounds. Generally speaking, peptides are the basic materials that make up all cells in the human body. In fact, there are many kinds of peptides. Oyster peptides are only one of them. There are also squid peptides, animal peptides, and so on.

So the question is not overly biased, is it true or not that oyster peptides can aphrodisiac? In fact, from the perspective of biological sciences, oyster peptides have such effects. But unlike some drugs (such as sildenafil) that force overdraft of the body, molecular peptides are more conducive to body absorption. You can understand in this way that people need impotence because certain functions of the human body are impaired, and such obstacles are caused by the insufficient activity of certain substances in the human body or even no such substances, and oyster peptide plays a role in it. The role is to activate the activity of these cells, thereby achieving the effect of aphrodisiac.

As for the side effects, you don’t have to worry about it at all, because peptides are the basic materials of human cells, so they will not affect the human body while being absorbed. On the contrary, they will promote the repair and growth of the cells. Of course, the peptide market is not that mature now, and there are many businesses that use peptides as gimmicks, so when buying peptide products, you must identify whether the business has these qualifications.

What is the difference between Oyster Powder and Oyster Peptide?

The oyster powder is directly made into powder by vacuum drying technology at room temperature. Oyster peptide is a protein extracted from oyster powder. After directional enzyme digestion and specific small peptide separation technology, small molecular peptide substances are obtained, and the nutrition is refined to peptides. The molecular structure is easier to be absorbed by the human body. They all contain taurine, vitamins, and other trace elements.

Oyster Peptide Powder

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