What are the benefits of sea cucumber peptide?

Sea cucumber peptide is a small molecule peptide compound obtained by using sea cucumber body wall or sea cucumber intestine egg as raw material, using proteolysis technology to enzymatically hydrolyze proteins. While degrading large molecular proteins into small molecular active peptides, it also retains the sea cucumber to the greatest extent Nutritional ingredients have multiple functions and are used in food, health care products, cosmetics, and other fields, and have great development and utilization values.

sea cucumber
sea cucumber

With the continuous improvement of the public’s understanding of the nutritional value of sea cucumbers, sea cucumbers have begun to enter ordinary people’s tables. More and more people use sea cucumbers as an essential tonic. However, the use of sea cucumbers is cumbersome to use, difficult to operate, and the absorption rate of sea cucumbers is relatively low, only about 1/3. For elderly and infirm patients, it is difficult to digest, absorb and use. Therefore, in order to solve the above problems, specific protease preparations are used to degrade the macromolecular proteins of sea cucumbers into small molecular active peptides. Compared with macromolecular proteins, small molecular active peptides have high activity, strong specificity, high absorption rate, fast absorption speed, etc. Advantages, so sea cucumber peptides are not only convenient to use and easy to carry but also have multiple functions of sea cucumbers and small molecule active peptides. They have great advantages in digestion, absorption, and efficacy, and are excellent edible and nourishing products.

sea cucumber extract sea cucumber peptide powder for nutritional value

Sea cucumbers are echinoderms and have a survival history of more than 600 million years. Their sexual warming nourishes the enemy ginseng, hence the name sea cucumbers. According to “Food and Materia Medica”, sea cucumbers are salty, warm, and nourish in nature, enter the kidney meridian, produce a lot of veins and blood, nourish the kidney and benefit the kidneys. Essence, aphrodisiac, cure dysfunction, remove labor and expectorant, nourish yin and hydration, replenish softness, relieve intestine and moisturize dryness. It is a good nourishing product since ancient times, with high edible and medicinal value.


The collagen content in the body wall of sea cucumbers is especially high (70% of the total protein). It contains a complete variety of amino acids and is rich in basic amino acids such as glycine, hydroxyproline, hydroxyllysine, and arginine. Sea cucumber collagen has a large molecular weight, as high as 300kD. It cannot penetrate the skin barrier and is difficult to directly absorb and utilize. Therefore, daily consumption of sea cucumbers only digests and absorbs a small part. Therefore, various proteases are used to hydrolyze it into small molecular collagen peptides to obtain numerous small activities. Molecular peptides increase their efficacy and absorption. After eating sea cucumber oligopeptides, the absorption rate is fast and the absorption rate is high.

Sea cucumbers also contain sea cucumber polysaccharides, sea cucumber saponin, and rich minerals and vitamins such as calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, selenium, manganese, etc. Sea cucumber polysaccharides include mucopolysaccharides and sea cucumber fucoidan, with high sulfate content, anti-tumor, and antioxidant properties. , Immune regulation, antibacterial, antiviral, hypoglycemic and anticoagulant and other physiological activities, sea cucumber saponins have anti-tumor, anti-fungal, anti-viral, cytotoxic, immune regulation, hemolysis, and other biological activities, selenium in sea cucumbers It can effectively prevent and fight cancer, arginine and zinc can nourish yin and strengthen yang. In addition, sea cucumbers also have the phenomenon of vomiting and intestine regeneration, and they have powerful repair and regeneration functions.


Efficacy of Sea Cucumber Extract Powder Sea Cucumber Peptides

Sea Cucumber Extract Powder
Sea Cucumber Extract Powder

(1) Anti-fatigue: Dalian Deep Blue Peptide Technology R&D Co., Ltd. has proved through experiments that sea cucumber oligopeptides can significantly reduce the blood urea nitrogen content of mice after exercise, increase the content of liver glycogen in mice, and significantly increase the weight-bearing swimming time of mice. Strong anti-fatigue effect and enhance body endurance.

(2) Anti-inflammatory and immune enhancement: sea cucumber peptides were used in mouse macrophages RAW264.7 to verify that sea cucumber oligopeptides have the effect of promoting immune activity. At the same time, sea cucumber oligopeptides can enhance the humoral immune function, non-specific immune function, and NK cell activity of mice, and can improve the function of white blood cells and macrophages, and can enhance the immune function.

(3) Delaying aging: The collagen peptides and a large number of antioxidant peptides contained in sea cucumber peptides can supplement collagen, clear free radicals in the body, and accelerate cell regeneration. Experiments with silkworms have shown that sea cucumber oligopeptides have effects on silkworms Obvious anti-aging effect, with the increase in concentration, the life span of silkworm larvae has been significantly extended.

(4) Lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, and lowering blood lipids: Sea cucumber oligopeptides can significantly reduce the blood sugar level and serum insulin content of mice, increase the blood glucose tolerance of mice and have a significant blood sugar lowering effect. Sea cucumber peptides contain ACE inhibitory peptides that can lower blood pressure. Sea cucumber peptides can significantly increase the content of high-density lipoproteins while reducing the levels of low-density lipoproteins and triglycerides, which can lower blood lipids.

(5) Anti-tumor effect: Sea cucumber peptides, sea cucumber polysaccharides, and sea cucumber saponins have good anti-tumor effects.

(6) Beauty and skincare effect: small molecule collagen peptide has good solubility, improved skin penetration rate, anti-oxidation, anti-allergic, and antibacterial properties are far superior to macromolecular collagen. Sea cucumber peptide can significantly promote fibroblast NIH/ 3T3 increases the growth and expression of collagen, and can significantly reduce the melanin content of B16 melanoma cells, which plays a role in delaying aging, beauty, and skincare.


The truth about sea cucumber extract sea cucumber peptide powder

The target population of sea cucumber peptides is mainly elderly people with good economic conditions and claims that nutrition can be absorbed by the human body 100%. Before commenting on the marketing and promotion of these “sea cucumber peptides”, let’s first introduce the understanding of modern science on sea cucumbers.

skin structure
skin structure

The nutritional composition of sea cucumbers is nothing special

As a food, the nutritional composition of sea cucumbers is good. Its protein content is more than half of its dry weight, and it is almost fat-free, which is quite excellent in various foods. In addition, it also contains a lot of calcium, iron, vitamin A and other micronutrients. However, people think it is “precious”, obviously not because it is rich in nutrients. If measured according to nutritional standards, eggs, lean meat, milk, and tofu are countless times more economical than it.

Sea cucumber’s “active ingredients” are not reliable

People’s pursuit of sea cucumbers in the hope that there are magical “active ingredients” in them, and scientists are also tirelessly trying to find “active ingredients” in sea cucumbers. But there have been no decent results so far.

In addition to protein, the most content in sea cucumbers is mucopolysaccharides. The mucopolysaccharide in sea cucumbers is chondroitin sulfate, and previous clinical trials have shown that it has an effect on alleviating joint pain. However, later studies found that its effect mainly comes from the placebo effect-that is to say, as long as you think “I’m receiving treatment”, whether you take chondroitin sulfate or something else, you will “feel much better.”

“Oligopeptide” refers to small fragments obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of protein. The artificial production of “oligopeptides” is just to carry out the reactions in the stomach and intestines in the factory. The so-called “oligopeptide” is absorbed faster than a single amino acid. In fact, dipeptides and tripeptides composed of only two or three amino acids tend to enter the blood faster. This is just the difference in absorption speed, and does not mean that they will have special functions, nor does it mean that macromolecular proteins that have not been digested into oligopeptides in advance will not be absorbed in the end. Merely enzymatically decomposing sea cucumber protein into oligopeptides, it claims to be “small molecule active peptides”, which is entirely a propaganda copy written by scratching the head.

In short, the fact that oligopeptides are “more easily absorbed by the human body” does not have much nutritional meaning. For example, the digestion and absorption speed of casein in milk is much slower than that of whey protein, but this does not affect casein, which is also an excellent food protein, and can also efficiently meet the body’s demand for amino acids.

Some oligopeptides may indeed have a certain “biological activity”, but they are often in test-tube tests. Many of the “activities” that can be shown in cell experiments and even animal experiments are difficult to reproduce in human experiments. This is because even if oligopeptides can quickly enter the bloodstream, most of them will continue to be broken down into amino acids, and most of the rest will be excreted as waste. It is very rare to be able to exert physiological activity in the body. This is also the reason why the research of “oral peptides” is very popular, but there is no successful product.

Use of cosmetics
Use of cosmetics

Sea cucumber extract sea cucumber peptide powder can skin care?

A certain concentration of sea cucumber peptides can have a reasonable effect on the reproduction of fibroblasts and the metabolism of collagen. With sea cucumber peptides as the key functional raw material, a series of sea cucumber peptide cosmetic products with anti-aging and repair effects can be designed and developed, which can significantly enhance skin care products The effect of anti-aging, repairing and slowing down skin aging is not only in line with the development trend of contemporary skin care products to natural products, but also beneficial to the diversified development trend of the sea cucumber industry.

Sea cucumber peptides contain collagen, which can soften skin tissues and prevent skin damage.The role of collagen on the skin can be understood in the previous article.

When the equivalent concentration of sea cucumber peptide is 200μg/mL, it can obviously promote the growth of NIH/3T3 cells, with a proliferation rate of 33.9%±13.8%. In the range of 0~200μg/mL, with the increase of the concentration of efficacy, the driving effect is gradually improved. Shows a sense of dependence on usage. When the 800μg/mL sea cucumber peptide aqueous solution was added, the growth of NIH/3T3 cells was inhibited, and the survival rate was 53.5%±2.3%.

Hydroxyproline is a representative component of collagen. Sea cucumber peptide can promote the metabolism of NIH/3T3 somatic collagen. With the increase of sea cucumber peptide concentration, the amount of NIH/3T3 somatic collagen excretion is gradually increased. Dependence on usage. When the sea cucumber peptide equivalent concentration is 200μg/mL and 800μg/mL, it has a very obvious effect on the metabolism of NIH/3T3 somatic collagen. The hydroxyproline equivalent concentration is (1.43 ±0.04)μg/mL and ( 1.96 ± 0.16) μg/mL.

Sea cucumber extract sea cucumber peptide powder can fight cancer?

There are also some saponins in sea cucumbers. Saponins are generally found in plants. For example, there are many saponins in soybeans and ginseng. Saponins are a “self-defense weapon” for sea cucumbers. It is cytotoxic and seems to be able to fight inflammation, antifungal, and regulate immunity, etc. Especially the anti-tumor efficacy has aroused people’s great interest.

However, scientists are depressed to find that saponin can kill normal cells while inhibiting cancer cells. Moreover, after the sea cucumber has undergone complicated processing and cooking, it is unclear whether those saponins are still “alive”. In short, based on the current scientific evidence, it can only be said that sea cucumbers are not reliable for anti-cancer.

In the health food database of the Food and Drug Administration, there is a “Sea Cucumber Peptide” product whose approved function is “immune regulation and anti-fatigue”. Even for these two functions, it is difficult to clearly define effective from a scientific perspective.

sea cucumber extract sea cucumber peptide powder where to buy

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