What about the purchasing industry

Procurement work is a good job in the eyes of many people. Words such as Party A, oily water, no overtime work, and simple nature of work are the labels of procurement work. Purchasing work is a job that requires very high overall quality. If you can’t stand the following items, I advise you not to do purchases.

purchasing industry

purchasing industry

Low material desire

In the era of material desire, few people can do this. Seeing other people living in luxury houses, driving luxury cars, and eating big meals without being moved by them will basically meet this requirement. The temptation to purchase is too great. If you don’t have antibodies and only rely on these drugs for treatment by laws and regulations, you will sooner or later become terminally ill. A friend once asked me: “You have been doing sourcing for so many years, and you don’t get a penny of gray income. Why is this?” My answer was simple “sleep at night”. Don’t think that you spend money that you shouldn’t have. Most of these people don’t sleep well at night, and they worry about being investigated every day, which is also a kind of torment to the heart.

Moderate obsessive-compulsive disorder

People with obsessive-compulsive disorder live very tired, but the buyer must have moderate obsessive-compulsive disorder. Buyers have to compile or review a large number of documents every day and organize dozens of bid evaluations a year. The number of documents that need to be processed will definitely be four digits a year. Only through repeated inspections can we ensure that the files are free of problems. Although a lot of content can be automatically proofread through the bidding system, manual review is still the main way to find problems. When I was just engaged in the procurement industry, an old leader once said to me that “a buyer’s mistake can lead to the bankruptcy of a company and even the disintegration of many families.” I didn’t think so at the time, but now I think it is true.

Strong principle

Although purchasing is not a math question, there is only one correct answer, but the buyer needs to have strong technical skills and the courage to adhere to principles, not to confuse right and wrong. In the face of the temptation of suppliers, you can remain unmoved; in the face of pressure from demanding departments and even company leaders, you can still stick to it; you can be complained for principles; you can get a salary cut for principles. Maybe you can stick to a project or stick to it for a year, but buyers need long-term persistence and great perseverance.

Highly resistant to stress

Although people in every department consider themselves to be a man of the pot, as far as I am concerned, the procurement department has the most pots and the darkest. The procurement efficiency is too low, which affects the company’s business development; the things bought are too poor and do not meet the requirements of the business department; the things bought are too expensive, which makes the company’s products uncompetitive; the cost reference provided is too high, which leads to the failure of the front-end department’s bidding; the process is too high Too complicated, it affects efficiency and increases the workload of leadership; the list goes on. The purchasing department seems to have a vital influence on everything in the company, especially things that are prone to problems. Therefore, buyers live under high-intensity pressure every day, and they will be hit by a black pot if they are not careful, and sometimes they are speechless. If the mentality is not good enough, it is really easy to be depressed, and it is not considered a work injury.

Keep calm

Is the procurement project questioned by the supplier? Home-cooked meals. Only one supplier can benefit from a project, and other suppliers will definitely look for things as much as possible. If you make this purchase pornographic and reorganize the purchase again, maybe he can win the bid. Have been complained of corruption? Smiled. As I said in a previous article, don’t think of sales as a person. Sale is a profession. Sales are about selling the company’s products. If he can’t seduce you, he will find a way to get rid of you. Maybe the next buyer will succumb to the temptation of interest, and his company’s products will be able to enter your company. Interviewed by the discipline inspection department? Have a clear heart. The most familiar with the company’s discipline inspection personnel is probably the purchaser. They often meet in the small black room, and even if they have not complained, they have to conduct clean talks frequently.、

Keep learning

In the eyes of many people, procurement is a kind of work without technical content, and buyers are people who can only follow the process. Buyers must be able to withstand these views, because people who have not been engaged in procurement for a long time really have a hard time understanding the difficulty of procurement. Buyers need to continuously learn the professional knowledge of procurement, constantly learn the technical knowledge of the industry where the procurement target is located, and constantly adjust the procurement strategy according to the changes in the surrounding environment. I have written a manuscript of “Bid Sales in Important Links of Procurement Practice”, which briefly describes the knowledge and skills that buyers need to accumulate in order to control the sales of bids, as well as other aspects of procurement. I want to do a good job. One purchase is not easy.

Don’t want to be a general

A soldier who does not want to be a general is not a good soldier, but a purchaser who does not want to be a leader may be a good purchase. Such a buyer can proceed from the project itself fairly and impartially, regardless of interest and nepotism, and scientifically select the best quality suppliers. But such purchasers often offend people, and normal job promotions may be falsely accused. It is even more difficult to be a leader.

From one end

It is forced all the time, and the cost of changing jobs for buyers is very high. There is an essential difference between the procurement of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, which can be said to be two industries; direct procurement and indirect procurement are also very different, and it is very difficult to cross over; different industries apply different laws and regulations, and you must learn from the beginning after changing jobs; The procurement systems of different companies are different, and it takes at least one year to fully adapt. When a buyer changes jobs, he must be prepared for two or three years that he cannot be promoted and raise his salary.

The procurement work is not good, the purchaser is not good, and the students who cannot accept the above items, it is still recommended to consider other types of work as soon as possible. But as a buyer, I still hope that excellent talents can join the purchasing team and work together for the purchasing cause. Working overtime until late at night, I feel the difficulty of purchasing, nagging a few words, resisting tiredness, and writing this manuscript, not only advises students who have not yet entered the purchasing position not to enter the pit easily, but also pays tribute to the students who persist in the purchasing position!