Escalol 557American ISP sunscreen, colorless to a light yellow viscous liquid.
The-Functions-of-Escalol-597American ISP sunscreen, colorless to light yellow viscous liquid
Salcare sc60White powder, purity 95%.
Euxyl pe 9010Preservative, colorless liquid, purity 99%. New compound preservative, phenoxyethanol/ethylhexylglycerol.
Aquagel 35Efficient emulsification thickening stabilizer, milky white liquid, purity 45%.
Glycerox 767Water-soluble GTCC, make-up remover emulsifier, colorless transparent liquid, purity 99%.
Carbopol ultrez 21White powder, purity 99%.
Dehymuls pgphLight yellow milky high viscous liquid, purity 99%.
Eumulgin-B2Non-ionic emulsifier B2, white waxy solid, purity 99.5%.
Dehymuls pgCoconut oil amphoteric sodium acetate, slightly yellow liquid, content ≥ 41%.
Phytokeratin PFPlant keratin, black liquid, purity 97%.
SEPICalm vg wp INCISodium palmitoylproline (and) white water lotus extract, brown orange coloured to brown red limpid liquid.
Repair Complex CLR PFthe lysate of the fermentation product of Difidus yeast, light yellow liquid, 100%.
Baobab oilBaobab oil, golden yellow liquid, 100%.
Repulpami ERplant botulinum toxin, (baobab and roselle fruit extract) yellow liquid, no content description.