The 23 Best Natural Ingredients for Your Skin

Natural plant products are currently the most popular ingredients on the market. Natural skin care products currently on the market probably contain the following 3 types of ingredients:

Best Natural Ingredients
Best Natural Ingredients

Herbs: These plants have small molecules, so they are highly permeable and easy to absorb. The more refined the herbal formula is, the safer it is. Even the color and fragrance in the product are derived from the plant itself and do not contain any chemical ingredients.

Polar plants: such as olives, coconuts, etc. These fresh and green plants that grow in harsh environments can grow in hot or cold places for many years, and their own resistance must be very strong. The extract can help the skin resist environmental damage.

Sand plants: such as aloe, cactus, etc. Growing in a dry climate, the leaves can remain rich and juicy and have amazing water retention. They are often used to make highly moisturizing skincare products, and even apply directly to moisturize the skin.

Let’s introduce these most popular ingredients one by one:

  1. Oat glucan: can completely remove all residual dirt on the facial skin, while purifying the skin, maintaining the skin’s natural protective barrier, quickly improving the skin texture, making the skin soft and smooth, long-lasting moisturizing, smoothing the skin, and giving silk Like a touch. Maintains the skin’s ecological balance, so that deeply cleansed skin feels unprecedented relief, revealing a healthy, clear, and radiant glow.
  2. Lemon bee flower and leaf extract: Good calming effect, let the skin be completely relaxed, supplement the SOD effect, refine the skin texture, and prevent skin aging.
  3. Austenite seaweed extract: can penetrate deep into pores, remove oily dirt, repair damaged skin scars, improve uneven skin tone, and make skin smoother and brighter!
  4. Lanolin extract essence: high-efficiency moisturizing factor, stable properties, strong moisture absorption performance, make the skin get lasting moisturizing.
  5. Yarrow extract: can effectively relieve skin sensitivity, promote blood circulation, and help eliminate toxins from the body.
  6. Witch hazel extract: it has the effect of calming, soothing, shrinking pores, and secondly cleansing the skin.
  7. Orange blossom: from southern France, it contains precious L-limonene, which can enhance cell activity, balance oil secretion, quickly sterilize and reduce inflammation, and inhibit the growth of acne. At the same time, it has whitening, moisturizing and spot-lightening effects.
  8. Chamomile: Known as a capillary vasoconstrictor, it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, and has an excellent calming and soothing effect on the skin. It can enhance the skin’s resistance, prevent the formation of acne scars, and restore the skin to a healthy state.
  9. Pro-Xylane Zhuo Yan Molecule: Extraordinary anti-aging, highly praised worldwide. The near-extreme beauty can effectively penetrate into the cell gap and improve the skin environment damaged by age and internal changes in the body. Effectively fight dryness, wrinkles, and sagging.
  10. BIOTIN8 (B8) kinetic energy active coenzyme-it is a coenzyme that can effectively activate metabolism, optimize the skin’s respiratory function, help comprehensively improve the nutritional conversion rate, and restore the skin to the best functional state; thereby delaying skin aging, Keep skin youthful forever.
  11. Ganoderma lucidum essence: Ganoderma lucidum has been called “the fairy grass of immortality” since ancient times, and has excellent beauty and beauty effects. Its unique ganoderic acid has unparalleled antioxidant effect and can effectively eliminate the synthesis of free radicals in the skin. Enhance skin activity and accelerate skin collagen production. Improve the skin’s active absorption capacity, and effectively dilute the dull substances, so that the aging skin will become whiter, tender, and plump.
  12. Dead Sea Mud Essence: From the deepest part of the Dead Sea, it is pure and non-polluting. It is rich in electrostatic ions that are harmless to the human body. It forms a strong magnetic field. The super adsorption force can absorb excess oil and impurities in the pores, and inhibit acne. The growth of the skin is rich in mineral nutrients, which can repair and regulate the skin and replenish moisture in a timely manner.
  13. Salicylic acid: It is found in natural willow bark, white bead leaves, and sweet birch trees. It has excellent exfoliating and pore cleaning capabilities, high safety, and has a magical effect three times that of fruit acid. It can penetrate deep into the oil, finely and accurately peel off dead skin cells surrounded by oil, and effectively eradicate keratin plugs. It can also inhibit inflammation and have a strong repairing effect.
  14. CRP White Complex: Whitening ingredients extracted from cherries, peony, and orchids can control the production of melanin from all levels of the skin, quickly penetrate the bottom layer of the skin, and maintain the activity of the whitening ingredients to the maximum so that the skin is from the inside. White and shiny outside.
  15. Desalted sea spring: Desalted sea spring is the sacred product of hydration in the 21st century. It is extracted from the deep sea of ​​more than 22 meters, which is exactly the same as the skin’s natural moisturizing medium. It can effectively replenish moisture in the skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles.
  16. Bear grape leaf element: extraordinary whitening effect, can go straight to the stratum corneum, penetrate into the skin layer, balance the metabolism of the stratum corneum, dilute dull substances, and restore whitening skin.
  17. Polymer hyaluronic acid: high-density, ultra-fine polymer hyaluronic acid, fully exerts its transdermal absorption and slow-release functions, helps the skin quickly replenish moisture, and instantly forms a moisturizing molecular film, which can effectively replenish and lock water. Leaves skin moisturized and radiant.
  18. Star White Complex: Star White Complex, as a new high-efficiency whitening active ingredient, is rich in kojic acid and whitening amide, which can effectively eliminate dullness and improve uneven skin tone. Shining white and moving brilliance.
  19. VWG life factor: the core tissue that intervenes in the control of skin functions by regulating the amount and activity of aquaporin on the surface of the skin, changing the permeability of the cell membrane to moisture, and transporting it through the skin to provide precise replenishment of dehydrated keratin, so that moisture can reach Optimal saturation.
  20. Natural hot spring water: It comes from Evian natural hot springs in France. It is the only natural isotonic hot spring water in the world. It is pure and non-polluting, has a pH value of almost neutral, and is rich in trace elements. Every drop of chickenpox has a significant anti Inflammation, anti-itch, anti-allergic effect.
  21. Bulgarian rose essence: It is the most excellent variety in the world. The rose essence extracted from it can effectively dilute the melanin and shine with white brilliance. The effect of diminishing dark circles is better.
  22. Bird’s Nest Extract: It can enhance the production of skin collagen, leaving the skin with lasting plump and no traces. Mostly used in eye care series.
  23. Grape seed essence: It can effectively resist maintenance and prevent skin aging and relaxation. It is mostly used in anti-wrinkle firming series.
Beauty girl
Beauty girl

In addition, caviar extract, natural moisturizing factor, bird’s nest extract, levorotatory VC, mint factor, EGF epidermal growth factor, collagen, amino acid, etc. are also common ingredients in skincare products. These are all good natural skincare ingredients with mild properties. , No stimulation.