Purslane, which can be seen everywhere, has a magical skin care effect

1: Introduction to purslane

Let’s put a few pictures of purslane first, do you all feel familiar! Yes, it is the wild vegetables that can be seen everywhere on the outskirts of Tiantianditou Park! We in Shandong often use it to make cold dishes.

Purslane is thick, succulent, and hairless, and its leaves are shaped like horse teeth, hence the name purslane. It’s just that different places may have different common names. My hometown is in Shandong, and we all call it this horse bee dish. There is also a place called Five Elements Grass, Nine-headed Lion Grass. You are welcome to leave me a message with your local name as well.

2: The skin care effect of purslane

Purslane is a well-studied plant in the skin care industry. Purslane contains a lot of flavonoids, polysaccharides, and alkaloids, and has rich and diverse biological activities. It has anti-inflammatory, relieves skin irritation, and promotes skin repair.

Many cosmetic raw material manufacturers have also extracted and refined purslane and the purslane extract is used in many skin care products for sensitive skin. I took some test results from Croda UK to share with you.

1. It can improve the barrier function of the skin.

Improve skin barrier ability

The researchers selected 10 female volunteers for the half-face control test. Apply a gel containing 3% purslane extract on one half of the face and leave the other half untouched for 15 days.

Then the irritation test was done on the face with 7.5% alpha hydroxy acid (strong acidity), and it was found that the stinging response was reduced by 60% on the half face that had been smeared with purslane extract. It shows that purslane can improve the barrier function of the skin.

2. Has anti-inflammatory effect.

The researchers applied a gel containing 3% purslane to the forearm of the same volunteers for 15 days and then performed a 4-hour closed patch stimulation test. They found that the side that had been smeared with purslane had an average reduction of 24% in inflammation. %.

From this test, we can see that purslane has excellent effects in anti-inflammatory and improves skin barrier function. It also makes sense that my scalded hand improved in two or three hours.

3: Sensitive skin maintenance – purslane recipe

Regarding post-sun repair and burns, many people think of aloe vera gel. In fact, the role of aloe vera is more moisturizing, and its role is still very weak. Try purslane, you’ll find it works much better than aloe vera.

How to use: Mash fresh purslane directly, apply it to the affected area and wrap it with plastic wrap, you will feel relief in a few days. If you look at some medical and health care books, you can also see many examples of the application of purslane. But for acute and severe skin diseases, I still recommend everyone to go to the hospital for high-intensity and precise drug treatment.

I would like to emphasize here that I am a master of pharmacy graduate from a regular medical school, and I am not spreading pseudoscience. Natural phytochemistry, the extraction of active ingredients from plants, is also an important field in pharmaceutical research.

4: Skin care products containing purslane

If you make purslane by yourself, it is still a bit troublesome, and now that it is autumn, purslane is becoming less and less, and it is difficult to obtain materials. You can choose some skin care products that contain purslane.

Just as I was writing this article, I looked through a lot of skincare products that contain purslane and found that the results are very good, which is really rare. This is not because the raw material of purslane is not good. On the contrary, the raw material of purslane extract alone has a very stiff anti-inflammatory repair effect. This is due to the fact that cosmetic brands add too little amount to finished skin care products. There are many intermediate circulation links in cosmetics, and advertising costs are also expensive. The cost that can be left to the product is too little.

From this point of view, the emergence of the ingredient party in the past two years, the production of various “nicotinamide” stock solutions directly to consumers from the laboratory, and the emergence of “hyaluronic acid” stock solutions have a certain reason, which reduces the intermediate circulation links and makes the products cost-effective. improve. Maybe when I have time, I can make a “purslane” stock solution.

5: Other health benefits of purslane

The role of purslane is not only in skincare but also in many other aspects. Let me list them briefly. In terms of medicinal properties, it has the effects of clearing away heat and removing dampness, detoxification and swelling, anti-inflammatory, quenching thirst, and diuresis. The seeds can also improve eyesight. Purslane is also called “insulin” on the table by doctors because purslane is rich in norepinephrine, which can effectively promote the secretion of insulin by the pancreatic glands, keep blood sugar constant and relieve diabetes.

In addition, purslane contains a large amount of potassium salt, which has a good effect of lowering blood pressure. Purslane is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can prevent heart disease.

Purslane is used in diet therapy and daily health care, and there are many ways to do it. This is the end of the article. Everyone is surprised that purslane, which can be seen everywhere, has so many functions. We spend a lot of money on artificial health products such as bird’s nests, which only play a psychological comfort role, and the actual health care effect is not as good as that of purslane. Writing this text is also to remind us all that beauty is all around us, and cherish the beauty that can be seen everywhere.

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