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Soapbark(Quillaja saponaria) is a small tree or shrub of the genus Quillaja saponaria, mainly produced in Bolivia, Peru, Chile and other places in South America. Cosmetics use extracts from its bark and roots.

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Active ingredients

The main component of Quillaja saponins is Quillaja saponins, which is a mixture of some glycosides whose aglycone is saponin acid; it also contains several phenols and tannins.

Extraction processing method

The bark of Quillaja saponaria can be extracted with water, sprinkling essence, etc. as a solvent, and then concentrated to dryness into a paste. If it is extracted with 60% alcohol, the yield is 5%.


Quillaja saponins have a great effect on reducing surface tension, which is equivalent to or slightly better than the highly hydrophilic sucrose fatty acid esters and polyglycerol fatty acid esters used in foods; Quillaja saponins have excellent emulsification stability , And has good foaming and foam stabilization performance, emulsifying power and stability are equal to or slightly better than sucrose fatty acid ester and polyglycerol fatty acid ester.

Application in cosmetics&skin care products

Soapbark Extract can be used as a solubilizer, foam stabilizer, and emulsifier. The extract can still be used as an antioxidant, deodorant, and skin care agent.

Saponaria Bark Extract (Soapbark Extract) is an approved ingredient for use in Food and Beverages (GRAS). The bark of quillaja saponaria can be reduced to powder and employed as a substitute for soap, since it forms a lather with water, owing to the presence of a glucoside saponin, sometimes distinguished as quillaia saponin. The wood is used in cabinetry, and scents derived from the tree are used in perfumes and cosmetics.

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