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Lauric Acid Powder Purity ≧99% | Cas# 143-07-7 | C12H24O2 | White Powder | Lauric acid can be used as a raw material for emulsifiers, detergents, and surfactants in cosmetics and skincare products.


Lauric acid is mainly used as an emulsifier and cleanser in cosmetics and skincare products. Lauric acid is used as a raw material for surfactants and is the main component of soap. This ingredient is slightly irritating to mucous membranes but is non-toxic.

Manufacturer Direct Supply CAS 143-07-7 Lauric Acid

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Lauric acid will greatly increase the total cholesterol in the body, but the increase is mainly good cholesterol (HDL).

Lauric Acid is mainly used to produce alkyd resins, humectants, detergents, pesticides, surfactants, food additives and cosmetic raw materials. This product is often used as a lubricant and has multiple functions such as lubricant and vulcanizing agent. However, due to its corrosive effect on metals, it is generally not used for plastic products such as wires and cables. This product is most widely used in the surfactant industry, and can also be used in the perfume industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Lauric Acid is used as a surface treatment agent for the preparation of bonding. It is also used in the manufacture of alkyd resins, chemical fiber oils, pesticides, synthetic fragrances, plastic stabilizers, anti-corrosion additives for gasoline and lubricants. It is widely used in the manufacture of various types of surfactants, such as cationic lauryl amine, lauryl nitrile, trilauryl amine, lauryl dimethyl amine, lauryl trimethyl ammonium salt, etc.;

Anionic types include sodium lauryl sulfate, lauric acid sulfate, triethanolammonium lauryl sulfate, etc.; zwitterionic types include lauryl betaine, lauric acid imidazoline, etc.;

Non-ionic surfactants include poly-L-alcohol monolaurate, polyoxyethylene laurate, glyceryl laurate polyoxyethylene ether, lauric acid diethanolamide, and the like. In addition, it is also used as a food additive and in the manufacture of cosmetics.

Lauric acid is the raw material for the production of soaps, detergents, cosmetic surfactants, and chemical fiber oils.

Additional information

Product Name

Lauric Acid



Molecular Formula



Dodecanoic acid


White Powder

Grade Standard

Cosmetic Grade


Purity ≧99%


Cosmetic raw materials, cosmetic additives, skin care additives, detergent raw materials


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Customized, FOB, CIF, D2D

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Supply, ODM/OEM, Wholesale


Kept in dry, cool, and shaded place with original packaging, avoid moisture, store at room temperature.

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