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Ivy (Hedera nepalensis) H. helix and H. rhombea are plants of the Araliaceae Hedera. Cosmetics mainly use their dried stem and leaf extracts.

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Active ingredients

The main component of Ivy (Hedera nepalensis) is triterpene saponins, collectively referred to as ivy saponins. Hedera saponins are a mixture of several different glycosides; it also contains inositol, carotene, and sugars; it also contains 29.4% of tannins.

The main component of H. helix is ​​also ivy saponins; there are also many sterols, such as stigmasterol, β-sitosterol, campesterol, spinach sterol, etc.; phenolic acids include chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid.

Extraction processing method

Ivy can be extracted with water, alcohol, propylene glycol, 1,3-butanediol, etc. as a solvent, according to conventional methods, and then the extract is concentrated to dryness.


The extract of butanediol of Ivy Ivy coating has an inhibitory effect on the secretion of skin sebum, and the inhibitory rate of 0.01% extract after 1 h is 60%.

Elimination of DPPH Baiyuji;
Elimination of superoxide free radicals;
Inhibition of elastase;
Promote the proliferation of N-type collagen;
Inhibition of hyaluronidase;
Promote the activity of B-16 melanocytes;
Inhibition of Corynebacterium drying;
Inhibition of apolipoprotein production;

Application in cosmetics&skin care products

Ivy extract can be used as a sebum secretion inhibitor, antioxidant, anti-aging agent, moisturizer, gray hair control agent, and odor suppressant.

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Ivy Extract/Ivy Leaf Extract


Hedera Nepalensis



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Brown Fine Powder

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Shipping Details

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