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Goji (Lycium Chinese/Goji Berry Extract Powder) and Ningxia wolfberry (Lbarbarum) are plants of the Solanaceae family, which are mainly produced in Hebei and Ningxia, China. They are also distributed in Japan, North Korea, Europe, and North America. Cosmetics can use extracts from the fruit and root of wolfberry.

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Goji is a plant of Solanaceae and Lycium barbarum.(Goji Berry Extract Supplier)

People's daily consumption and medicinal use of Chinese wolfberry is mostly the fruit of Ningxia wolfberry, "medium berry", and Ningxia wolfberry is the only species included in the "2010 Chinese Pharmacopoeia". Goji is listed as a "medicine and food" variety by the Ministry of Health. Goji Extract can be processed into various foods, beverages, health wines, health products, and so on. Goji berries are often added when making soup or porridge.

Active ingredients

Lycium barbarum contains alkaloids, such as betaine, belladonna, hydrazine, and wolfberry amine; sterols are mainly lanosterol, β-sitosterol, stigmasterol, etc.; Flavonoids mainly include quercetin, Isoquercetin, kaempferol, and its glycosides; Lycium barbarum contains more than 20 kinds of amino acids including 8 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body. Among them, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, alanine, and proline have the highest content. In addition, there are niacin, γ-aminobutyric acid, sulfonic acid, and so on.

Extraction processing method

Lycium barbarum and roots can be extracted with water, alcohol, etc. as solvents, and extracted according to conventional methods, and the solvent is recovered to dryness and becomes an extract-like substance.


Lycium barbarum has strong antibacterial activity. Lycium barbarum extract has a strong antibacterial effect on 17 kinds of bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus Epidermidis, Escherichia coli, Aerobacillus, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Bacillus subtilis, Candida albicans, etc.

Application in cosmetics&skin care products

Goji Berry Extract(Goji Berry Powder)has an activating effect on tyrosinase and can be used in cosmetics that need to increase melanin, such as suntan products and black hair products; Goji extract can still be used as a red blood thread control agent, antioxidant and anti-aging agent, immune function booster, oily skin conditioner, and weight loss agent.

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