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Angelicae Sinensis(Female Ginseng Extract), A.acutiloba, A.Archangelica, A.gigas, and A.tenuissima are all perennial herbs belonging to the family Angelica. Cosmetics use their rhizomes, and the roots, leaves, and seeds of Angelica Circularis can be used in cosmetics.

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Active ingredients

The volatile oil content of Angelica sinensis is 0.4%, mainly phthalide esters, such as ligustilide; Angelica is rich in coumarin compounds, such as citrus lactone, xanthotoxin, imperatorin, oxidized prejuan , Angelica sinensis, umbelliferone, isoimperatorin, violetine, etc.;

There are also ferulic acid, vanillic acid, angelica polysaccharide, and other ingredients.
The volatile oil of Angelica globulus consists of borneol, coriander oleyl alcohol, citron oleolide, limonene, water fennel terpenes, terpenes, etc., which is quite different from Angelica. The composition of other angelica is similar to that of angelica.

Extraction processing method

Angelica volatile oil can be prepared by steam distillation. The extracts are usually extracted with water and alcohol as solvents, and extracted by conventional methods. The main specifications of the extracted products are 1% ligustilide and 0.1% to 0.3% ferulic acid.


  • Elimination of superoxide free radicals by angelica extract;
  • Elimination of DPPH free radicals;
  • The promotion of luciferase by angelica extract;
  • Inhibition of aromatase by angelica extract;
  • Proliferation effect of angelica extract on stem cells;
  • The proliferation of vascular endothelial cells by angelica extract;
  • The promotion of natural moisturizing factor (NMF) production in epidermal cells by angelica extract;
  • Inhibition of trypsin;
  • Inhibition of lipoxygenase-5;

Application in cosmetics&skin care products

Based on the role of Angelica extract(Female Ginseng Extract) in promoting blood circulation and improving skin microcirculation, it can be used in many cosmetics that require blood circulation, such as hair growth, adjusting skin secretion, supplementing nutrition, resolving dark circles, etc.;

The proliferation of vascular endothelial cells by Angelicae Sinensis Extract shows that it has the effect of curing capillaries while promoting blood circulation;

Angelicae Sinensis Extract has good SOD-like activity, inhibits membrane lipid peroxidation and free radical reaction caused by superoxide free radicals, and combines with biological membrane phospholipids to protect membrane lipids and other mechanisms to antagonize free radical damage to tissues, It has special effects on the dull complexion or sores caused by free radical block;

Angelicae Sinensis Extract has an anti-aging effect on the activation rate of luciferase and on the proliferation of stem cells.

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Angelicae Sinensis



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