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Carbomer Powder Purity ≧99% | (C3H4O2)n | Carbomer is a term used for a series of polymers primarily made from acrylic acid. The Carbomers are white, fluffy powders but are frequently used as gels in cosmetics and personal care products. Carbomers can be found in a wide variety of product types including skin, hair, nail, and makeup products, as well as dentifrices.


The Carbomers are large molecules prepared from relatively small chemical compounds called monomers. The monomers used to make Carbomer polymers are acrylic acid and polyalkenyl polyethers, Carbomer in skin care.

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The Carbomers are all chemically similar, differing from each other in molecular weight and viscosity. Carbomers have the ability to absorb and retain water, and these polymers can swell to many times their original volume.

On a label of a cosmetic or personal care product, the name Carbomer may be associated with a number such as 910, 934, 940, 941, 980, and 934P. These numbers are an indication of molecular weight and the specific components of the polymer.


The Carbomers are synthetic, high molecular weight, nonlinear polymers of acrylic acid, cross-linked with a polyalkenyl polyether. Carbomers function as a thickening, dispersing, suspending, and emulsifying agents in cosmetics and personal care products. They are widely used to provide emulsion stability.


The Carbomers help to distribute or suspend an insoluble solid in a liquid. They are also used to keep emulsions from separating into their oil and liquid components. Carbomers are often used to control the consistency and flow of cosmetics and personal care products.

Carbomers are thickening agents that help control the viscosity and flow of cosmetic products. They also help distribute and suspend insoluble solids into liquid and prevent the oil and liquid parts of a solution from separating. They have the ability to absorb and retain water and can swell up to 1000 times their original volume when dispersed in water. Generally, this class of ingredients is used in gel-like formulations because it forms a colloidal, mucilage-like consistency when mixed in water.

This ingredient is contained in a wide range of personal care products such as styling gel, facial moisturizer, sunscreen, shampoo, anti-aging treatment, eye cream, cleanser, and scrubs.


Carbopol also called Carbomer or Carboxypoly-methylene is a generic name for synthetic high molecular weight polymers of acrylic acid used as a thickening, dispersing, suspending, and emulsifying agents in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. They may be homopolymers of acrylic acid, crosslinked with an allyl ether pentaerythritol, allyl ether of sucrose, or allyl ether of propylene. Carbomers are found in the market as white and fluffy powders. They have the ability to absorb, retain water and swell to many times their original volume.

Carbopol ETD 2020 is specially designed for thickening surfactant systems. An "easy-to-disperse" cross-linked polyacrylic acid copolymer processed in a toxicologically preferred cosolvent system, it delivers excellent thickening efficiency and suspending capability, long viscous flow, and sparkling clarity in gel systems, is a thickener, rheology modifier, and suspending agent.

Although Carbopol ETD 2020 has properties similar to Carbopol 1342 and Carbopol 1382 polymers, it is specifically designed to make dispersions in water less susceptible to lumping and easier to pump and handle due to its low dispersion viscosity before neutralization.

Aqueous dispersions of Carbopol ETD 2020 are, therefore, easier to prepare at higher polymer solids. Suggested applications include clear gels, hydro-alcoholic gels, surfactant systems (specialty body lotions/creams/gels, shampoos, wipes, hair coloring, and styling products.etc.), and high electrolyte systems (aloe gels, etc.).

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9003-01-4, 9007-20-9, 9063-87-0, 139637-85-7, 57916-92-4

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Polyacrylic acid, Carbopol, 2-Propenic acid, homopolymer., Acrylic acid homopolymer., Acrylic acid resin., Acrylic acid, polymer., Acrylic polymer., Acrylic resin., Acrysol A 1., Acrysol A 3., Carbopol Etd 2020


White Powder

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Cosmetic Grade


Carbomer, 910/934/940/941/980/934P/Carbopol ETD 2020, U20, Purity ≧99%


Carbomer Cosmetic Grade, Carbomers function as thickening, dispersing, suspending, and emulsifying agents in cosmetics and personal care products.


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Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from moisture and water.

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