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The ash tree (Fraxinus chinensis) is a plant of the genus Oleaceae, and its dry bark is called Qin Bark. Qin bark is also taken from F. rhynchophylla, F. szaboana and F. stylosa. Cosmetics mainly use extracts from their bark.

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Active ingredients

Ash bark contains a number of coumarin compounds, such as cephalosporin A, cephalosporin B, saponin, and saponin; the others include lilosin, pinoresinol-4,4'-di-O-β-D- Glucoside, sinusaldehyde, betulinic acid, and mannitol, etc.

Qinpi A is the main active component of ash tree bark, and the content of Qin pi A in normal ash tree bark shall not be less than 1.36%. European ash trees and flower ash trees also contain coumarin compounds such as quercetin.

Extraction processing method

Ash bark can be extracted with water, ethanol, etc. as solvents, and then concentrated to dryness. The yield of 50% ethanol extraction is about 0.25%, and the yield of 95% ethanol extraction is about 0.5%.


A 50% alcohol extract of Ash tree was applied to the skin, and then the water content of the stratum corneum was measured by the conductivity method. The conductivity of the extract with a concentration of 0.01% was 133μS after 100 minutes of application, while the conductivity of the blank sample was 35μS.

The alcohol extract of European ash bark has an inhibitory effect on carrageenan-induced toe swelling in rats, and the swelling can be basically inhibited at a dose of 15mg/kg.

  • Elimination of DPPH free radicals;
  • Inhibition of fat peroxidation;
  • Inhibition of tyrosinase activity;
  • Inhibition of prostaglandin E2 production;

Application in cosmetics&skin care products

Ash tree extract has a good effect on eliminating DPPH and other free radicals, and its antioxidant capacity on oils is equivalent to 2,6-di-tert-butyl-4-methylphenol (BHT) and better than vitamin E, so it can be used Used as an antioxidant in cosmetics;

Ash tree extract can still be used as a skin whitening agent, anti-inflammatory agent, antibacterial agent, and moisturizer.

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