Abalone Peptide

We Supply Marine Peptides Abalone Peptide Powder, About 900-1000 Dalton, Can Be Customized.

Product Description

The average molecular weight of abalone peptide is below 1000 Daltons, and it also contains the original selenium, taurine, vitamins, and other nutrients of abalone, which can be absorbed quickly. It is very soluble in water and easy to absorb. It has good processing properties, such as no fishy smell, no protein denaturation, no acid precipitation, no heat coagulation, and good fluidity, and is an excellent raw material for healthy food.

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Product Details

Product NameAbalone Peptide
Source Of Raw MaterialsAbalone Meat
ClassificationMarine Peptides
FeatureLight yellow powder, with the unique taste and smell of abalone, without any other odor.
Grade StandardFood grade, Beverage grade, Cosmetic grade, Medicine grade;
Average MW900-1000D; Can be customized.
StorageStore in a cool, dry location after sealing, keeping away from light, heat, and moisture.
HonorsAvailable For Your Reference
Shipping DetailsCustomized, FOB, CIF, D2D
Additional ServiceSupply, ODM/OEM, Wholesale

Collagen peptides, as a functional health ingredient, are added to facial cleansers, creams, lotions, skincare emulsions, face masks, body washes, shampoos, and other cosmetics. It can also be used in the fields of health food, functional beverages, and the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.