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1-Decanol (Decyl Alcohol) Purity ≧99(%) | Cas# 112-30-1 | C10H21OH | Colorless Liquid | 1-Decanol (Decyl Alcohol) is used in the manufacture of plasticizers, lubricants, surfactants, and solvents.


1-Decanol (Decyl Alcohol) is used in the manufacture of plasticizers, lubricants, surfactants, and solvents. Its ability to permeate the skin has led to it being investigated as a penetration enhancer for transdermal drug delivery.

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1-Decanol is a natural product found in Terminalia chebula, Cichorium endivia, and other organisms with data available. Decyl Alcohol appears as a clear colorless liquid with a sweet fat-like odor. Flashpoint 180°F. Less dense than water and insoluble in water.Vapors are heavier than air.

Decan-1-ol is fatty alcohol consisting of a hydroxy function at C-1 of an unbranched saturated chain of ten carbon atoms. It has a role as a metabolite and aprotic solvent. It is a primary alcohol and fatty alcohol.

Decanol can be prepared by the hydrogenation of decanoic acid, which occurs in modest quantities in coconut oil (about 10%) and palm kernel oil (about 4%). It may also be produced synthetically via the Ziegler process.

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Product Name

1-Decanol (Decyl Alcohol)



Molecular Formula



decyl alcohol, n-decyl alcohol, capric alcohol, epal 10, antak, agent 504, Decan-1-ol


Colorless Liquid

Grade Standard

Cosmetic Grade


Purity ≧99%


Cosmetic/Skincare Raw Materials; 1-Decanol is used in the manufacture of plasticizers, lubricants, surfactants and solvents.


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