Most of the money you spend on skincare maybe IQ tax


I found that too many people have been fooled by marketing. Let me take a few examples of the easiest to be fooled.

The first is sun protection. Someone must have told you that you must wear sunscreen every day. If you don’t apply it, you will get old. How can ultraviolet rays harm your skin, right? But have these people told you about the irritation of the sunscreen in sunscreen to the skin? Have you said that ethanol solvents are easy to irritate the skin? Have you ever told me that flavors are more likely to cause contact dermatitis than preservatives?

Sun protection is indeed very important, but the best sun protection is definitely not sunscreen, but the use of the shelter, such as staying at home, masks, hats, umbrellas, etc. Which is the best sunscreen effect? Not any sunscreen, but tape! This tape is still ordinary tape without any SPF, so instead of applying sunscreen every day, it is better to buy sunscreen, sunshade, and a hat that actually has sunscreen effect. It is cheaper than sunscreen and is not prone to acne and allergies. , Can be used for 1-2 years, the effect is real!

Many seemingly beautiful ingredients in the second skincare product work in theory, but skincare is not good. Many new whitening ingredients and anti-aging ingredients are actually still inferior to the original VC, niacinamide, and retinol (VA derivatives are used in daily chemicals).

Then why develop new ingredients, because if you think about it, consumers will not pay if a product is not updated. A certain ingredient is replaced separately, the formula system is similar to the original one, a new packaging, a new marketing method, Emma, ​​a certain brand except for a skincare online celebrity product.

Do you know why the new ingredients, no matter which high-end school or hospital developed the endorsement, are still not as effective as the previous ones? Because in vitro experiments and human experiments are two different things, you use mice and in vitro cell culture to apply for a patent and publish a paper saying that a certain ingredient is effective, but in vitro and human actual use are two different things. The skin has a barrier. This barrier is composed of sebum membrane, dead keratinocytes, and intercellular substances. These will prevent the skin from absorbing products. Because the main function of the skin is to protect the human body from external damage, it is its instinct to block chemical substances. , The absorption of skincare products is against the skin barrier function.

The old skincare ingredients have been developed for many years, the technology is mature enough, and the time is sufficient. To understand the permeability through human experiments, cellulite will be added to some water-soluble ingredients that are not absorbed by the skin, such as some ingredients with fat or It is acyl, all with fat masses, which deceive the lipid bilayer in the intercellular substance in the form of fat masses, and better enter the skin base or the dermis.

Third, many big-name skincare products are not necessary to buy, especially those skincare products with a single product of two to three thousand. Because of a single product of two to three thousand, you can do photon and water-light acupuncture. These effects are better than skincare products. Too much too much. Also, there will definitely be someone who will take advantage of it. You have never used a lady’s skincare product. I don’t know how good it is.

Some people may also say that you are still young now, you don’t know, you have to use it when you are old. Others say that ladies’ skincare products have to be used for a long time to see the effect. Some people say that you do not know the side effects of medical beauty. If you often do it, you will definitely have a bad face. The skin of the lady will be healthy after using the skincare products for a long time. Then I will come back one by one now~

I have used lady’s skincare products, and many, including Aquamarine Mystery, Berenei, Pola, Lancome Essence Series, Lancome Black Gold Series, Guerlain Orchid Series, Farman, Ginza, etc. But I am back to cosmeceuticals now, because I found it too expensive, I can try occasionally, each bottle is a big brand and the price is too low. And I rarely buy it now, and occasionally the brand will give it away, so I am reluctant to buy it.

Also, I am already running for the third time. I am not old, but I am definitely not young. There are no wrinkles on my skin, eyes, forehead, and nasal base. My absence of wrinkles is not due to the lady’s skincare products. The lady’s skincare products are not useless, but the price is too low. If the excellent skincare products around 300 can reach 80 points, then the ladies skincare products can reach 85-90 points, which is very difficult on the face. It shows that there is no need to spend 10 times the price for these 10 points.

Also, I definitely know the side effects when I do medical aesthetics, but after I do medical aesthetics, I also need to take care. Wrinkle removal and so on are all through medical aesthetics. I have spent a lot of money on medical aesthetics and have been doing it for 5 years. So far, there are no remaining side effects.

Also, skin health has nothing to do with the use of big-name skincare products. Just tell me honestly, whether your hormone face and skin allergies are good with the mystery of sea blue, or see a doctor, the doctor will give you dozens of ointments. It’s nothing to do with ladies’ products. What’s more, there are so many fragrances in ladies skincare products, but fragrances can easily lead to sensitive ingredients, and so many nutrients in ladies’ products are not suitable for damaged skin, you have seen Do people who are sick make up every day? If there is no tonic, and the skin is unhealthy, just use the most basic products.

Finally, a very simple fact can prove everything. You can go and see whether all dermatologists use medical skincare products (including cosmeceuticals) or lady skincare products. It is very simple, and it is good proof.