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Welcome to this website. This website is a professional medical business website operated by our company. In order to better serve the broad audience (including consumers and fellows of the pharmaceutical industry), our website makes the following disclaimer for the information (including text, pictures, and links) released:

The published information about the efficacy, use, and usage of the goods has not been verified by this website. If the audience wants to know the exact situation, please consult the manufacturer, distributor, original information publisher, or healthcare professional of the product.

The published pictures have not been verified by this website and are for reference only. If the audience wants to know the real situation of the product shown in the picture, please consult the manufacturer, distributor, or original information publisher of the product.

The published price information about the product has not been verified by this website and is for reference only. The specific prices of commodities are subject to the actual prices in circulation.

If the audience wants to use the product after browsing the information on some products on this website, please consult a healthcare professional, the manufacturer, and the distributor of the product before using it. Our website is not responsible for any consequences of using this product.

The published health care and wellness information has not been verified by this website and is for reference only. If the audience wants to refer to certain information for health care and well-being, please consult a healthcare professional beforehand. Our website is not responsible for the consequences caused by audiences referring to this information for health care, health maintenance, or other purposes.

Professional columns such as pharmaceutical investment promotion, product supply and demand, technical projects, and product encyclopedias are only for browsing and use by professionals engaged in pharmaceutical investment promotion, agency, production, or business.

If the audience finds that the information is incorrect, they can suggest modification or deletion to this website. The website will promptly modify or delete the erroneous information. The revised information has not been further verified so it is also for reference only.

The information on investment promotion, agency, supply and demand, recruitment, and application published is not verified by this website and is for reference only. Audiences interested in the information can contact the information publisher directly.

This disclaimer is explained by the website. For other uncovered matters, follow the terms below:

The terms and conditions set forth in this legal statement apply to all persons or institutions accessing and using this network.

1, This website is a professional business website for the pharmaceutical industry. Any person or institution visiting or using this website must abide by relevant laws and regulations, and shall not engage in illegal activities with the help of the communication ability of this website.
2, All contents on this site are in order to better serve the audience. This site does not guarantee that all the information, text, graphics, links, and other absolute accuracy and completeness of the project. The content is only for visitors to use the reference due to the use of this website content on this website and the relevant consequences do not undertake any business and legal liability.
3, All the websites linked to this website, its contents, and copyrights shall be the responsibility of the corresponding providers and owners. In addition, the website shall not bear any direct or indirect commercial or legal responsibility for the content, form, or character.
4.All contributors to the website must guarantee the originality and authenticity of the manuscript. Any legal consequences caused by plagiarism or fraud shall be borne by the contributors, and the website reserves the right to recover. For the accepted manuscripts, the website will pay the contributors according to the agreed payment method.
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