Does not washing your face really make your skin better?

If you don’t wash your face all the time, obviously it won’t make your skin better. But over the years, I’ve noticed that a large number of people have bad skin because of excessive cleansing. If the damage caused by excessive cleansing to the skin can be avoided, the skin can get better. improved.

Let’s talk about washing your face in detail below. You may use these wrong ways of washing your face every day.

beautiful face
beautiful face

About washing your face, 6 questions you must want to know

1. How many times is appropriate to wash your face a day?

The specific frequency can be judged according to the skin type. Under normal circumstances, it is appropriate to use warm water for dry skin and sensitive skin or use cleansing products frequently. For oily skin, use cleansing products in the morning and evening, or use water in the morning. Wash your face and use a cleansing product at night. Just feel refreshed and not tight.

2. Is it better to wash your face with cold water or hot water?

Some people say that washing your face with cold water can shrink the pores, some say that washing your face with hot water can open the pores, and some people say that you should wash your pores alternately with hot and cold water… When the pores are a faucet switch? shut.

Pores are not controlled by muscles, and there is no temperature sensing system, so they will not expand and contract with heat. Coldwater is difficult to dissolve makeup and dirt. Hot water can easily cause capillary contraction and relaxation, causing red blood streaks. Therefore, it is best to use warm water that is similar to human body temperature. Running water is recommended.

3. After washing your face, do you use a towel or a disposable cotton soft towel?

In fact, it’s all right. Many people worry that towels are not hygienic when wiping their faces. They can be hung in the sun after use, and occasionally blanched with hot water to ensure that the towels are in a dry and clean state. In addition, they should be replaced in time after a period of time. If you are too lazy to wash and hang towels, you can choose disposable cotton soft towels. It should be noted that it is not recommended to use a cotton soft towel multiple times. As long as you don’t let your skin dry naturally, you can choose any of the above. When cleansing the face, more or less some natural moisturizing factors will be taken away. After natural air drying, the skin will become tighter, especially for sensitive skin, which is not conducive to skin moisturization. Remember to press to absorb water, don’t wipe it hard.

4. Does the skin need deep cleansing?

Regarding cleansing, there is a misunderstanding: Many people think that the skin problems are because they have not washed their face, so they do deep cleansing every few times. Use products such as scrubs, face washes, and cleansing masks in an attempt to completely remove the “trash” on your face. In fact, deep cleansing is a false concept. Even exfoliation does not require us to do it manually. The skin epidermis is replaced every 28 days. In other words, the skin can exfoliate by itself. Deep cleansing will cause damage to the skin barrier. . Here I want to talk about the facial cleanser. The effect of using the cleanser for healthy skin is not obvious, while sensitive skin, dry skin, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, and other inflamed skin are not suitable for using the cleanser. Usually use room temperature water to moisten the face, and use the fingertips to apply the cleansing agent. Except for the fingertips, there is no need to use other methods (such as towels or sponges) to apply the cleansing agent.

5. How to remove makeup correctly?

If it is light makeup, you can choose makeup remover or cleansing milk, if it is heavy makeup, you can choose a cleansing oil with strong cleansing power. For eye and lip makeup, you can choose special eye and lip makeup remover products. When using makeup removers, try not to use a cotton pad to wipe vigorously to avoid damage to the skin barrier caused by friction.

6. Is it good for the skin to wash your face with white vinegar or rice soup?

Everyone should have heard that white vinegar has a certain effect of softening cutin, and rice soup contains certain amino acids and vitamins, which sounds pretty good. But! The washing time is relatively short, and the time for these substances to stay on the face is relatively short. It is difficult to say whether they can work or not. It must be mentioned here that white vinegar has strong irritation and is not recommended for sensitive skin and aging skin.

Choose the cleansing product that suits you

As oil and water repel each other, and clean water is not enough to clean the dirt buried in the grease layer, it is recommended to use a cleaning agent. There are many cleansing products, such as facial soap, facial cleanser, facial cleansing gel, facial cleansing foam… Among the dazzling facial cleansing products on the market, which one is really suitable for you? We divide cleaning products into soap-based and synthetic according to their ingredients.

Soap-based facial cleansing products have relatively strong cleaning power and generally contain strong alkalis, which are suitable for healthy oily skin and stable skin. However, due to the strong cleaning power of these products, frequent use is not recommended, which may easily cause damage to the skin barrier. damage.

Common ingredients in soap-based cleansing products are palmitic acid, lauric acid, myristic acid, oleic acid, etc. We can use these ingredients to determine whether the product we are using is a soap-based cleaning product.

Synthetic cleansing products are generally weakly acidic, relatively mild, and suitable for most skins. Common ingredients in synthetic facial cleansing products are disodium cocoyl amphoteric diacetate, disodium lauroyl amphoteric diacetate, sodium cocoyl isethionate, decyl glucoside, cocoamide MEA -Disodium sulfosuccinate, amino acid surfactants, etc.

The skin has a microbial barrier, and a weakly acidic environment can maintain this barrier to avoid micro-ecological disorders that may cause skin problems. Regarding skin cleansing, it is actually very simple. If you find it troublesome, you just need to remember that healthy skin should not be over-cleansed, and moisturize while cleaning. If you have skin problems, you must see a doctor in time.