Common natural plant skincare ingredients inventory

Herbal skincare, starting from respecting and the following nature, and pursuing a safe and healthy skincare experience, has become an increasingly popular skincare trend in recent years. Many girls are fans of natural plant skincare, not only because the plant skincare products contain various plant herbal essences or extracts that are similar to human tissues, which are easier for the skin to accept and absorb, and are more gentle and healthy. Also because this natural skincare approach is closer to nature, there is a sense of purity and comfort back to nature.

plant skincare
plant skincare

Natural plant skincare ingredients

With the rise of many natural plant brands and the booming market in recent years, understanding some common plant skincare ingredients can help us choose suitable products more conveniently. Let us take stock of these popular ingredients below:

Antioxidant & Anti-aging

● Agrimonia: conditioning and moisturizing, repairing anti-oxidation

● Green tea: anti-oxidation, detoxification

● White birch: soothing, anti-oxidant

● Elderberry: Antioxidant

● Grape seed: anti-oxidation, water, and oil balance

● Rosemary: firming and astringent

● Miluo wood: repair and anti-aging

TI brightening and whitening

● Rose: skin rejuvenation, brightening, and anti-oxidation

● Red pomegranate: remove yellow and brighten

● Orange blossom: whitening and brightening

● Bletilla striata: whitening and brightening

● Gentian root: whitening and repairing

● Job’s tears: skin rejuvenation and brightening

● Centella Asiatica: brighten and repair

● White Peony: Whitening and removing yellow

● Sophora flavescens: remove turbidity and whiten

● Brown rice: brighten and whiten

Anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing

● Tea tree: anti-inflammatory and sterilizing

● Lavender: anti-inflammatory and soothing

● Calendula: anti-inflammatory and calming

● Purgatory: soothes redness and relieves itching

● Witch hazel: calm and astringent

● Aloe: Calming and moisturizing

● Centella asiatica: soothing and firming

● Perilla leaves: firming and soothing

Moisturizing and moisturizing

● Chamomile: moisturizing and anti-inflammatory

● Water lily: moisturizing and brightening

● Cactus: exfoliating, moisturizing

● Seaweed: moisturizes and locks water

● Jobab seed: moisturizing and moisturizing

● Sakura: water and oil balance


● Honey: gentle moisturizing

● Avocado: detox and nourish

● Raspberry: firming and nourishing

● Ganoderma: Repair and nourish

● Ginseng: Repair and nourish

● Propolis: anti-allergic and moisturizing


● Safflower seeds: soften and exfoliate

● Walnuts, almonds

● Fruit fiber (apricot, peel)

● Cereal particles (oats, rice bran)

In addition to plants, many mineral particles are also classic physical exfoliating ingredients, such as natural crystals and mineral powder. These ingredients are physically executed by friction to kill skin cells. Plant skincare is just like our traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, which is relatively mild and will not bring too much burden to the skin. In recent years, plant skincare has become popular, and more and more plant skincare brands have become everyone’s favorite!