What Soapwort Extract should be use?

You can use Soapwort Extract root as a simple bath additive by crushing some dried root and putting a few tablespoons in a muslin bag. If you boil the root first to extract the juice, the results will be even better. Soapwort doesn't product much noticeable lather, but gives the bath water a slippery feel, and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Soapwort is a great herb to use for skin and hair care and forms the basis of conditioning shampoos and body washes. Can also be taken as a tea.
The common name of this member of the carnation family indicates it's traditional use in washing; the root produce a lather on contact with water. It has an ancient reputation fortreating skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, boils, and acne. Taken internally these saponins are a mild irritant to the respiratory and digestive systems making soapwort an expectorant 1and laxative in small doses (see caution).
Soapwort Extract's use forgout and rheumatism is probably effective because of the anti-inflammatory anddepurative properties of it's saponin content.