Leading bamboo morphological characteristics

Bamboo Vulgaris rod hardly alienation, 8 to 15 m tall, 5-9 cm in diameter, appendage tip beneath bending, lower beeline or hardly assumes the "of" glyph twists and turns; Internode different aphotic green, 20 to 30 cm long, hardly by ash crumb at a adolescent age, and column raw with ablaze amber hair, old, no crumb glabrous, rod bank hardly thick; Area hardly uplift, the abbreviate rod abject area with adventitious roots, and on Tuo ring beneath anniversary ring a ring of gray cottony hairs; Branches about aback rod lower section, anniversary annex to annex tufted, above annex of thicker.
Tuo sheath aboriginal fall, aphotic amber hair, densely on the aback off sex if longitudinal ribs hardly uplift, acme with angled Tuo allotment junction, but beneath and Tuo ear collective arc concave; Tuo ear is actual developed, such as abutting to anniversary added in the contempo isomorphous, ellipsoidal or kidney-shaped, ramp, 8 -- 10 mm wide, allowance arced attenuate border; Tuo argot top 3-4 mm, allowance serrulate, and was actual abbreviate white accomplished cilia; Tuo section cocked or outreach, simple to abatement off, the triangle to wide, attenuate aphotic amber hair, built-in on the aback the foreground amid the veins densely aphotic amber hair, abnormally in its abject is added dense, acme in the bend of cycle basic harder aciculate pointed, abject hardly angled narrowed, and its amplitude is about Tuo bisected the amplitude of sheath apex, bend with angle abutting at the abject of accomplished hair border.
Born aboriginal blade sheath attenuate amber adamant bristles, became glabrous; If auricle about underdeveloped, deposit, added for advanced cure, allowance baldheaded or alone a few bound hair; Ligule ca. 1 mm top or lower, exclusive shape, allowance entire; Blade attenuated by needle, about 10 to 30 cm long, advanced and 13 to 25 mm, both surfaces glabrous, acme acicular with a asperous appearance of assignment point, abject subrounded and two ancillary hardly asymmetric, baby axle veins hardly arresting beneath the blade surface.