What is Albumin?

Albumin is a protein. Albuminuria (Al-byoo-mih-noo-ree-uh) is accepting too abundant protein in the urine. This is sometimes referred to as "microalbuminuria" which indicates a hardly top akin of protein in the urine. Overt proteinuria or "macroalbuminuria" indicates added than 300mg of albumin in the urine per day.
Persistent albuminuria agency that the branch has some accident and is starting to discharge some albumin into the urine. Two absolute tests for albumin in the urine over several weeks announce assiduous albuminuria, a aboriginal assurance of diabetic branch disease. Other causes of albuminuria are top claret pressure, congestive affection failure, the metabolic syndrome, or branch accident from nephrotic syndrome. Even after these diseases, accepting a college than accustomed levels of albumin in the urine is a accident agency for cardiovascular disease, according to the Framingham Health Study.
Although urinary albumin screening of asymptomatic individuals at accident can ascertain aboriginal branch disease, altitude of albuminuria can analyze some but not all patients with branch disease. However, in patients with diabetes and/or accustomed abiding branch disease, albuminuria is associated with added accelerated progression of their abiding branch ache and a greater adventitious that branch abortion will develop.