What is BioCatalyst?

BioCatalyst is an all-embracing accumulation of accurate and business managers who accomplice with accurate teams to actualize bazaar driven, acceptable biotech companies. We are a aggregation focused on the alteration from analysis to commercialization. Typical ally cover bookish scientists, aboriginal date biotech companies who crave accelerated sales, above bioscience analysis centers who seek the conception of assorted acceptable biotech companies on a continuing basis, and the adventure arm of biologic companies who accept specific startup objectives.
BioCatalyst currently has offices in New York (NY)and West Palm Beach (FL).
Biocatalysts are broadly acclimated in the aliment and cooler industry back several years as aliment enzymes for instance in dairy products, bakery, and beverages. Biocatalysts may be of altered types and are acclimated in assorted applications. Protease and amylases are broadly acclimated to abolish aliment accompanying stains. These enzymes accept applications in both aliment & cooler and laundry bactericide industry. Enzymes such as lipases and peroxidase are acclimated in the claimed affliction industry as they accept anti-microbial applications.