Benzyl alcohol safety

Benzyl alcohol is alone a balmy astute adulteration with an LD50 of 1.2 g/kg in rats.It oxidizes rapidly in advantageous individuals to benzoic acid, conjugated with glycine in the liver, and excreted as hippuric acid. Very top concentrations can aftereffect in baneful furnishings including respiratory failure, vasodilation, hypotension, convulsions, and paralysis.
Benzyl alcohol is baneful to neonates, it is associated with the asthmatic syndrome.
Benzyl alcohol has been appear to could cause derma allergy.
Benzyl alcohol is acutely baneful and awful acid to the eye. Pure benzyl alcohol produces corneal necrosis.
Benzyl alcohol is not advised to be a carcinogen and no abstracts are accessible apropos teratogenic or changeable effects.