Scleroglucan Applications

Scleroglucan is a baptize soluble, nature-derived polysaccharide produced by beverage of the filamentous bane Sclerotium rolfsii. It is a awful able ingredient, which improves the acoustic appropriate of claimed affliction products. Scleroglucan has rheological properties, and clashing a lot of accustomed and constructed gums, has top thermal stability, is aggressive to hydrolysis and retains derma moisture.
Scleroglucan can be acclimated in hair, derma and sun care, ablution and physique articles and blush cosmetics.
Derma care: lotions, creams, face masks and packs
Sun care: sun aegis lotions
Ablution and shower: battery gels and physique washes
Blush cosmetics: make-up, mascaras and eyeliners
Hair care: shampoos and conditioners
Shaving foam