Glyceryl Cocoate Description

Glyceryl Cocoate is a Non ionic surfactant acquired from Coconut that is acclimated as an emulsifier and affability additive. It behaves in a actual agnate address to Polysorbate 80 but with a lot of added benefits. It is able-bodied ill-fitted for use in Blooming Bath Oil applications, or for solubilising vegetable oils into surfactant systems. Glyceryl Cocoate's a lot of outstanding action is as a baptize acrid emollient.
As a raw additive it has an adipose texture, not that antithetical to accepted vegetable oils. When added to formulations it increases lubricity, abrogation hair activity conditioned and derma has a soft, absorptive feel. For soap makers, anticipate of this additive as your superfatting agent, the additive that creates a milder, added moisturising product.