Glycol Stearate Uses

Glycol Stearate is a abundant opacifier and pearlizing abettor that can be acclimated in battery gels, baths, cosmetics, hair pastes, aqueous soap, shampoos, conditioners, and attach articles and added derma and hair cleansers. It is able to aftermath absurd pearlescent furnishings with a basal bulk of cream depression. It is aswell an emulsifier, humectant, analgesic and a agglomeration and overextension agent. It is able to counterbalanced ablaze lotions and creams and has conditioning properties. As an emulsifier it is basically the cement that holds the artefact calm and helps to actualize a buttery and bland texture.
Glycol Stearate is acquired from vegetable oils. It is a monoester of ethylene glycol and stearic acid. It is acquired from glycerine and accustomed stearic acids. It is basically a bulb wax that is emulsifying but can aswell be synthetic.