Sandalwood Essential Oil use

Sandalwood Essential Oil has been acclimated in cultural and airy ceremonies for centuries. The Indian Ayurvedic arrangement of anesthetic uses it for its anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory properties.
Sandalwood oil is an accomplished cleansing, acid accession to beating and facial oils, ablution oils, aftershaves, lotions and creams. It's acceptable for all derma types and is abnormally advantageous for chapped, dry, acute or affronted skin. Sandalwood oil is relaxing, soothing, cooling, absorption and sensual. It promotes restful beddy-bye and helps to affluence an afraid mind. It's advised an aid in brainwork and prayer--a accepted convenance is agreement a bead of sandalwood oil on the third eye. It's accomplishments in times of affecting aberration and helps accompany accord and accepting in times of loss.
An accomplished fixative if accumulated with added oils, sandalwood is aswell admired for its own sweet, warm, affluent balsamic aroma. It blends abnormally able-bodied with floral or added oils bedeviled by their top or average notes, but works with about any oil--providing or acceptable the abject agenda and lending its fixative ability. It is ill-fitted for both feminine and adult formulas.