Krill oil in bulk use

(1), cardiovascular
1 to lower cholesterol, prevent cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis
2 to reduce the blood viscosity, promote the blood circulation, prevent high blood pressure
3 brain puzzle, active thinking, prevent alzheimer's disease.
(2), the neurological
1 to protect the nerve cell membrane, strengthen the attention and memory, understanding
Added 2 pregnant women, the promotion of fetal brain development
3 the anti-fatigue, positive emotional support
(3), help of bone and joint
1 alleviate gout, and rheumatoid arthritis
2 reduce stiffness, swelling and tenderness joints
(4), anti-aging
1 fight free radicals and slow aging
2 significantly improve skin wrinkle depth and even eliminated
(6), the other
1, enhance immunity
2 support healthy vision
3 improve women premenstrual symptoms