Thioglycolic acid use

 Thioglycolic Acid is produced by BRUNO BOCK and EVANS CHEMETICS as ultrapure, low odor quality for cosmetic applications or as pure quality or technical grade for all other applications. It is used worldwide in a wide variety of applications:
PVC tin heat-stabilizer 
Cosmetics for cold waving, straightening and depilatories 
Oil field chemicals 
Leather chemicals
Rubber chemicals 
Chain transfer agent 
Fine chemicals intermediates
In addition of being used as the textile auxiliary & the leather tanning chemicals instead of Sodium Hydrosulfide, it also can be used in the main raw material of cosmetics such as cold wave lotion and depilatory. Besides, it also can be used to modulate into PVC and organic stibium and organic tin. Last, but not least, it acts as an important agent for metallic ion such as iron, molybdenum, silver and tin, etc. It's also used in catalyst production in epoxy resin and bisphenol A.