Apigenin Pharmacology

Apigenin has been apparent to anticipate renal accident acquired by cyclosporin in rats, associated with bargain announcement of the corpuscle afterlife advocate bcl-2 in histopathological sectionsCyclosporine A enhances the announcement of transforming advance factor-β in the rat kidney, which signifies accelerated apoptosis. Therefore, transforming advance factor-β and apoptotic basis may be acclimated to appraise apigenin and its aftereffect on cyclosporine A-induced renal damage.
Apigenin acts as a monoamine agent activator, one of the few chemicals approved to acquire this property.Apigenin is a ligand for axial benzodiazepine receptors that competitively inhibited the bounden of flunitrazepam with a Ki of 4 μM, advance anxiolytic and slight allaying effects. Apigenin shows second-order absolute modulatory action at GABAAreceptors.
Apigenin may aswell activate developed neurogenesis, with at atomic one abstraction claiming that apigenin "stimulate[s] developed neurogenesis in vivo and in vitro, by announcement neuronal differentiation" and may be advantageous "for aesthetic developed neurogenesis and for the analysis of acoustic diseases, disorders and injuries, by aesthetic the bearing of neuronal beef in the developed brain." While potentially promising, the abstraction acclimated rats and its furnishings accept yet to be approved in humans.