The inhibitory effect of glabridin

Glabridin is the capital additive in berserk atom of licorice abstract affecting on skins. In this study, we advised inhibitory furnishings of glabridin on melanogenesis and deepening application able B16 murine melanoma beef and guinea pig skins. The after-effects adumbrated that glabridin inhibits tyrosinase action of these beef at concentrations of 0.1 to 1.0 microg/ml and had no apparent aftereffect on their DNA synthesis. Combined assay of SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and DOPA staining on the ample atom atom of these beef appear that glabridin decreased accurately the activities of T1 and T3 tyrosinase isozymes.
It was aswell apparent that UVB-induced blush and erythema in the banknote of guinea pigs were inhibited by contemporary applications of 0.5% glabridin. Anti-inflammatory furnishings of glabridin in vitro were aswell apparent by its inhibition of superoxide anion productions and cyclooxygenase activities. These abstracts adumbrated that glabridin is a different admixture possessing added than one function; not alone the inhibition of melanogenesis but aswell the inhibition of deepening in the skins. By replacing anniversary of hydroxyl groups of glabridin with others, it was appear that the inhibitory aftereffect of 2'-O-ethyl glabridin was decidedly stronger than that of 4'-O-ethyl-glabridin on melanin amalgam in able B16 beef at the absorption of 1.0 mg/ml. With backup of both of two hydroxyl groups, the inhibitory aftereffect was absolutely lost.
Based on these data, we assured that two hydroxyl groups of glabridin are important for the inhibition of melanin amalgam and that the hydroxyl accumulation at the 4' position of this admixture is added carefully accompanying to melanin synthesis.