What is Willow Bark Extract used for?

Most Willow Bark Extract are found in temperate and arctic zones. They are geographically distributed in all continents except Antarctica and Australia. Willow Bark Extract include small trees, shrubs, and groundcovers, and many species are dioecious with male and female catkins (flowers) on separate plants.
The medicinal use of Willow Bark Extract dates back 6,000 years. Ancient civilizations used Willow Bark Extract tree extracts to treat pain, inflammation, and musculoskeletal conditions.
Willow Bark Extract can be an effective pain reliever if the salicylate content is adequate. Anticancer, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory activity has been documented in limited trials. Clinical trials have shown that Willow Bark Extract has moderate efficacy in treating lower back pain but very little efficacy in treating arthritic conditions.