Watermelon Extract functions

Watermelon is agilely diuretic and contains ample amounts of carotenoids. Watermelon with red beef is a cogent antecedent of lycopene. Preliminary analysis indicates the burning of watermelon may accept antihypertensive effects.
1. Watermelon abstract contains abounding nutrients and chemicals;
2. Watermelon abstract beef contains protein, sugar, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, sodium, vitamin A, vit-amin B1 and absolute appliance of bloom Su-B2;
3. In the watermelon abstract aswell contains citrulline, alanine and glutamic acid, malic acerbic and added amoebic acids, pectin and a baby bulk of glycosides, as able-bodied as Chinese wolfberry alkali, candied tea, alkali and added bio-salt, etc.;
4. Watermelon abstract is freeze-dried crumb application watermelon lurid with a array of added alive
ingredients crafted, there is calm, soothing, and lighten the skin, bright pores and clay acrid fat, bendable derma whitening, in adjustment to air-conditioned the derma to accommodate animal vitality, anticipate derma aging.