Ultraviolet Absorbent UV-320

Ultraviolet Absorbent UV-320

Molecular weight:323 
Appearance:White powder 
Melting point:152-156 ℃ 
Performance & application:
UV320 is a high-efficient light stablizer, wnameely apply to in the plastics and other organic matter, including unsaturated polyester, PVC, PVC plasticizing glue, etc. It has better effect when applied to in the polyurethane, polyamnamee, synthetic fibers especially those polyester and epoxy resins. UV320 has strong ultraviolet absorbtion ability and low volatility characteristics. It can effectivelly protect the polyester and the organic colouring avoname ultraviolet radiation, thus protect the primitive physics appearances of the shaping object, films, etc. which under the open-air state.The color of the UV320's is lighter than general ultraviolet absorbers.

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