Tinogard Q

Tinogard Q

Chemical name(INCI) :   Tris(tetramethy lhydroxypiperidinol)citrate
CAS # : 64-17-5
Items                              Properties
 Colour                            yellowish
 Appearance                   liquid
 Odour                             alcohol-like
 Content (Weight)         10.0 - 30.0 %
 pH value                        5 - 6 ( 25 °C)
 Flash point                   34 °C
 Density                          0.98 g/cm3 ( 25 °C)
 Viscosity, dynamic      < 50 mPa.s ( 25 °C)
 Solubility in water        > 500 g/l
 Autoignition                  > 400 °C
Characteristics and Application :   
A light stabilizer based on excited state quencher (ESQ) technology. This technology is based on interaction of the stabilizer with molecules in high energy states, e.g. caused by (UV-) light, reducing the probability of degradation reactions. 
Based on a new technology (ESQ) TIN OGARD Q reduces the potential for degradation reactions by minimizing the lifetime of excited states and inhibiting side reactions of excited state intermediates.
·Provides state-of-the-art ingredient protection 
·Enables problem solving beyond UV absorption 
·Extends your products' shelf life 
·Keeps your products' pleasant appearance and brand integrity 
·Exhibits strong boosting effects with TINOGARD? and CIBAFAST? UV Light Stabilizers 
·Is highly effective at low concentration (0.01% - 0.05%) 
·Enables cost effective product stabilization 
·Allows for a greater choice of raw materials 
·Is easy- to- use due to its liquid form
Uses : 
·Body wash & shower products 
·Bar & liquid soaps 
·Shampoos and hair care products
·Skin creams & lotions
 ·Perfumes & fragrances
Handling and Storage :
As with all industrial chemicals, use good industrial practices when handling. Avoid eye, skin, and clothing contact.Do not inhale. Do not taste or swallow. Use only with adequate ventilation. Ground and bond containers for transfer to prevent static sparks. Use non-sparking tools.Protection against fire and explosion:Vapors may cause flash fire or explosion.Keep container tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place.

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