Calcium Pantetheine Sulfonate

Calcium Pantetheine Sulfonate

Biochemical and clinical properties  :
Calcium pantetheine-S-sulfonate (PaSSO3Ca) is one of the pantothenic acid derivatives. We examined PaSSO3Ca inhibition capacity of tyrosinase activity in vitro. For the safety evaluation when it will be applied to the human skin, we tested PaSSO3Ca creams to the fifty one patients with skin diseases by 48 hours closed patch test method. And clinical evaluation of PaSSO3Ca creams were performed in fifty patients with chloasma by half side method.
Results were as follow: 
1. PaSSO3Ca was proved to inhibit the tyrosinase activity in vitro. 
2. PaSSO3Ca cream was shown to be safe to human skin. 
3. 10% PaSSO3Ca cream lightened the skin hyperpigmentation.
Application :
There is a small amount of in vitro research showing that this may have melanin-inhibiting effection

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