Tinovis ADM

Tinovis ADM

Chemical name(INCI) : Sodium acrylates copolymer (and) mineral oil (and) PPG-1 trideceth-6
Category :  Rheological thickening conditioning, suspended
Use levels : 0.35-1.5%
Characteristics and Application :   
Thickening aqueous phase can be effectively,so that the stability of oil phase particles evenly distributed in the water phase.then form to dense type of white emulsion.Cation characteristics.Especially suitable for cream and emulsion products.
Consumers have many choices when it comes to selecting a skin care cream or lotion. Formulators develop products including a variety of actives and other ingredients to deliver the required sensorial effects to the consumer. Selecting the right rheology modifier is critical to making these active ingredients work effectively, as well as enabling the product to be easily manufactured, stored and applied. An effective rheology modifier offers good pick-up, spreadability and penetration. In addition skin creams are typically formulated around pH 5.5, so the best choice of rheology modifier would be one designed specifically to work at this pH. TINOVIS ADM is the best choice to thicken today's creams and lotions.
Cream sunscreens, daily wear SPF protection, after-sun cream Comments: Tinovis ADM is used in sunscreen products to thicken the product and also help evenly distribute the sunscreen active on the skin.

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