Stabileze 06&QM

Stabileze 06&QM

Chemical name(INCI) : 
Methyl vinyl ether /Maleic anhydride and Decane diene crosslinked copolymer/PVM/MA Decadiene Crosspolymer
Chemisiry :
Methyl vinyl ether/maleic anhydride copolymer crosslinked with decadiene.Supplied as a white powder (100%).
Characteristics and  Application:   
Stabileze disperses easily in water, forms clear, aqueous gels at low use levels (0.25 - 0.50%), and is effective over wide pH range (3-11).Its shear-thinning properties allow strong gels with quick break for processing, spreading and dispensing.Stabileze gels have excellent stability to shear, temperature and UV-A radiation, are not tacky, leaves a smooth, soft feel on skin and hair,and enhances hold property of hair styling products.Clear gels are developed by first hydrolyzing anhydride groups to diacid form by heating and then adjusting pH with organic or inorganic bases to obtain desired viscosity. Alternatively, hydrolysis and neutralization can be accomplished in one step by heating with an inorganic base.
Thickening of all types of aqueous gels and nonionic creams and lotions for personal care. Can also be used in hydroalcoholic systems,and to thicken other liquids such as glycerine and acetone (nail varnish remover).

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