Salcare SC 96

Salcare SC 96

Chemical name(INCI) :  Polyquaternium37(and)/Propanediol/Propylene glycol ester didecanoylpiperazine(and)PPG-1Polyether Triacontanol 13 -6
Category : Rheological thickening conditioning, suspended
Characteristics and Application :  
Typically used to enhance the performance of skin, hair care formulations, providing thickening, conditioning. Also promotes good spreading, is opacifying and a suspending agent. Good application would be a conditioning aftershave product.
·Cationic Liquid Dispersion Polymer   
·Micro Particulate Thickening System   
·Designed for hair care and skin care products   
·For mineral oil-free applications
Thickening aqueous phase can be effectively,so that the stability of oil phase particles evenly distributed in the water phase.then form to dense type of white emulsion.Cation characteristics.Especially suitable for hair care products.

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