Salcare SC 81

Salcare SC 81

Chemical name(INCI) :  Acrylate copolymer
Category :  Rheological thickening conditioning, suspended
Characteristics and Application :  
SALCARE SC 81 is a highly cross linked acrylic thickener with small particle size which provides an excellent suspension property after neutralization. It exhibits pseudoplastic flow behavior with a high yield value. A little thixotropy is observed.
Main applications :
·Gel thickener 
·Suspension aid 
·Pseudoplastic flow properties 
·Suitable for clear gels and exfoliating applications and as a stabilizer for emulsions
It is ideal for formulating clear gel products and can be used on its own or in combination to provide associative thickening with suspension characteristics. It is supplied as aqueous emulsions with a pH of around 3.5. In the acid form, the products do not significantly swell because of the limited solubilizing power of the acid groups. On neutralization, electrical repulsion between the anionic groups within the molecule causes the polymer chains to uncoil, leading to instantaneous thickening.
Without  Premixing and  heating , after the simple base neutralization ,so can be can be made of transparent gel Products;Can be used with containing the anionic and non-anion of the formula ingredients;In the low dosage can efficiently thickening;Used in conjunction with the SC80,can be made any   arbitrary viscosity of transparent gel products;Especially suitable for spray and hose products.

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