CAS # : 9003-28-5
Chemical Formula : C4H8 
Properties : 
The liquid is clear and colourless, and is sold in many different grades. The grades are determined mainly by molecular weight, the higher grades showing increasing viscosity. The oligomer degrades at high temperature (upwards of 350 C) to form monomer isobutene by chains unzipping from the chain ends.
About Polybutene and Application  :
Polybutene is a viscous, non-drying, liquid polymer, which results from the copolymerization of 1- and 2-butene with a small quantity of isobutylene. Polybutene is colorless, has little or no odor, is chemically stable and resists oxidation by light and moderate heat.
An important characteristic in adhesive applications is polybutene’s tackiness, which increases with increased molecular weight. Polybutene acts as both a tackifier and plasticizer and is used to extend the viscosity range and to control the tack and cohesive strength level of adhesives. Polybutene is sold in a wide variety of molecular weights and the viscosity grades range from light oils to highly viscous fluids.
A liquid oligomer, polybutene is widely used as a plasticizer for high molecular weight polymers, such as polyethylene. It is not to be confused with the high molecular weight polymer polybutene-1.
It is used as an additive for engine oils and greases, and as an extender in putty used for sealing roofs and windows. In hydrogenated form, it is also used in a wide variety of cosmetic preparations, such as lipstick. It is used in adhesives owing to its tackiness.
Uses :
Polybutene has reported used in the following product types: lip gloss; lipstick; mascara; other products with spf; lip balm; lip plumper; eye shadow; lip liner; eye liner; sunscreen: makeup.

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