Keltrol CG-F

Keltrol CG-F

Chemical name :  Xanthan Gum
 Particle size[μm]  75
 Viscosity1[mPa·s]  1200-1600
 Viscosity2[mPa·s]  600-1200
 pH value            6.0-8.0
Characteristics and Application :   
Keltrol is the trade name for the product Xanthan Gum products produced by CP Kelco. They are high molecular weight polysaccharides manufactured by a fermentation process.In cosmetics, Xanthan Gums are used for a variety of applications. In emulsions, they increase the heat stability of the product when used at low concentrations (between 0.1 % and 0.2 %). At concentrations up to 0.5 %, Xanthan Gums thicken water-based systems such as shower gels and/or lotions.Xanthan Gums are not sensitive to high shear rates or electrolytes and are stable over a broad pH range(3-11), which make them interesting for nearly all cosmetic products and applications.All Keltrol types are soluble in hot and cold water.
Keltrol CG-F has a smaller particle size resulting in a fine powder product. Natural and efficient thickener and suspending agent.Can enhance the stability of emulsion systems.
·Thickening, shear-thinning (pseudoplastic) rheology 
·Stabilize suspensions, emulsions and foams 
·Soluble in hot or cold water 
·Excellent compatibility in the presence of anionic, amphoteric and non-ionic surfactants and high concentrations of salt 
·Resistant to enzymatic degradation Naturally derived Naturally derived
Uses :
·Lotions and creams 
·Suntan lotions and sunscreens 
· Hair care products 
·Make-up, mascara, and eyeliner 
· Face masks and packs 
· Shampoo 
·Shower gel / body wash 
·Shaving foams

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