Carbomer 941

Carbomer 941

Chemical name :    Carbomer
CAS # : 9062-04-8
Specifications :
Appearance                     White fine free flowing powder. 
Odour                                Mild acidic. 
pH of 1% solution            2.5 to 3 
Carboxylic content           56% to 68% 
Heavy metals                    Max. 2 ppm 
Temperature stability      Up to 75°C 
Characteristics and Application :   
A cross-linked acrylic acid polymer of high molecular weight.Long-flow, "lotion-type"Ⅱ thickener with high stability at low viscosity.Forms clear hydroalcoholic gels.
Gives permanent emulsion & Suspension at low viscosities 
In ionic systems performance is better. 
More effective in hydrogen bonding mechanisms. 
Emulsion stabilizer.
Storage : Store in cool dry place. Keep away from moisture and water
Packing : 5 kg., 20 kg., net in corrugated box.

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