Carbomer 934

Carbomer 934

Chemical name :    Carbomer
CAS # : 9007-16-3
Specifications :
Appearance                       White fine free flowing powder. 
Odour                                  Mild acidic. 
pH of 1% solution             2.5 to 3 
Carboxylic content            56% to 68% 
Heavy metals                     Max. 2 ppm 
Temperature stability       Up to 75°C
Characteristics and Application :   
CARBOMER range are synthetic high molecular weight crosslinked polymers of acrylic acid, which confirm to USP./INF. specifications as "CARBOMER".Under low amount of fine thickening, suspension, stability, antibacterial properties.This series of products conform to pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry standards.Better than similar products of the dissolution velocity dispersion.
CARBOMER range, are water soluble polymer use to :
Thicken                  To produce wide range of viscosities and flow properties. 
Suspend                  Insoluble ingredients. 
Stabilize & Emulsify     Emulsions
Storage : Store in cool dry place. Keep away from moisture and water.
Packing : 5 kg., 20 kg., net in corrugated box.

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