Aculyn 44

Aculyn 44

Chemical name : PEG-150/Decanol/SMD Copolymmer
Appearance:  hazy liquid
Characteristics and Application :
Aculyn 44 rheology modifier is a nonionic thickener based upon Hydrophobically-modified Ethoxylated URethane (HEUR) chemistry designed for personal care applications. As with most  other Aculyn rheology modifiers, the polymer is a liquid product for easier handling and manufacturing efficiency. Aculyn 44 is offered at 35% solids, is stable from pH 2 to 12 and compatible with peroxide and other oxidizing agents. The polymer has a well-established
 toxicological profile and is safe in normal use.  
Non-ionic thickeners,miscibility with Peroxide system and other oxidants .Between  PH2-12 is stable.Applicable to hair products, cream, emulsion and sunblock formula.
Benefits :
 ? ·Easy to handle
 ? ·Stabilization of hydrophobic (low solubility) components
 ? ·No neutralization necessary
 ? ·No preparation necessary
 ? ·Compatible with nonionic, anionic, Zwitterionic and cationic surfactants
 ? ·Non-hygroscopic
 ? ·Increased manufacturing efficiency
 ? ·Stable in pH 2 to 12 formulations
 ? ·Allows for use of continuous production processes with use of in-line static mixers
 ? ·Effective in thickening acid media such as solutions of organic acids
 ? ·Can be processed with membrane pumps and, when diluted, with turbine mixers and high speed propellers
 ? ·Thickens and stabilizes oxidizing media
 ? ·Able to formulate clear products
 ? ·Flexibility in choice of preservative system
 ? ·Mild, soft, non-greasy, non-sticky, creamy
 ? ·Supported by comprehensive environmental, health and safety data
 ? ·Reproducible viscosity
 ? ·Can be used with electrolytes
 ? ·Cleared under CTFA/MITI/EINECS/TSCA/AICS/Canada
 ? ·Ability to stabilize suspensions
Uses :
 ·Cationic silicone emulsions
  - Medicated creams
  - Make-up
  - Mascara
  - Alpha-Hydroxy acid creams
 ·Hair products
  - Permanent waves
  - Hair rinse/conditioners
  - Therapeutic particulate containing shampoos
  - 2 or 3 in ONE shampoos/conditioners
  - Aqueous antiperspirants
  - Astringents
 ·Peroxide-containing formulations
  - Hair bleaches/dyes
  - Anti-acne (benzoyl peroxide) lotions
  - Hydrogen peroxide skin disinfectants
 ·Sunscreen formulations
  - Inorganic sunscreens
  - Organic sunscreens
Storage :
 Aculyn 44 is supplied at 35% solids with a maximum viscosity of 11,000 mPa.s at room temperature (25°C). The polymer is supplied as clear to slightly opaque liquid that thickens to a clear liquid.
 Aculyn 44 can be extremely viscous and may coagulate at high temperatures. If stored at high temperatures, it may have to be stirred before use.
 The recommended storage temperature for Aculyn 44 is from 4°C to 49°C. The product will not freeze because of the propylene glycol, but will be very thick at colder temperatures and it will not flow. Product once subjected to cold temperatures will not perform appropriately.

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