Aculyn 28

Aculyn 28

Chemical name : Acrylates/Betheneth-25 Methacrylates Copolymer
Appearance: milky liquid
Characteristics and Application :   
Aculyn 28 rheology modifier is an anionic associative rheology modifier developed specifically for hair and skin care applications. This thickener is a hydrophobicallymodified
 alkali soluble polymer emulsion (HASE) with unusually high aqueous thickening and stabilizing
 efficiency. The polymer is a liquid, cold-processable product that instantaneously thickens upon neutralization, providing ease of handling and increased manufacturing efficiency.Aculyn 28 is designed for clear formulations, stable from pH 5.5 to 10 and compatible with nonionic, anionic,Zwitterionic and some cationic ingredients, as well as peroxide and electrolytes. The lower pH neutralization makes it ideal for skin care applications.
Aculyn 28 is a Hydrophobically-modified Alkali Soluble Emulsion (HASE). HASE polymers are synthesized from an acid/acrylate copolymer backbone and a monomer that connects the hydrophobic groups as side chains. The polymer is made through emulsion polymerization.Aculyn 28 is synthesized from acrylic acid, acrylate esters and a beheneth-20 methacrylate ester.
For all the personal care products are effective thickener.Can be used as emulsion, particle suspension system and ethanol-based hand disinfectant stability.
Used in :
ACULYN 28’s excellent efficiency and clarity delivers superior performance at low usage levels in: 
·Crystal clear hair gels 
·Anti-dandruff shampoo with salicylic acid 
·Clear shower gels and body washes 
·Clear skin gels, such as, aloe vera gels 
·Liquid hand soaps
Advantages :
·Dual functioning rheology modifier and film former 
·Can be used to formulate crystal clear gel systems 
·Synergistic interaction with anionic, nonionic and zwitterionic surfactants 
·Easy-to-use liquid; No premixing or dispersing required
Storage :
Keep from freezing; material may coagulate. The minimum recommended storage temperature for these materials is 1°C/34°F.The maximum recommended storage temperature is 49°C/120°F.
These materials may coagulate if exposed to temperature outside this range. The coagulation process is irreversible.

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