Water/Biosaccharide gum-1(Bioactive F-1000)

Water/Biosaccharide gum-1(Bioactive F-1000)

CAS No.:178463-23-5  
Appearance:  Transparent viscous liquid with slight opalescence 
Long-lasting humectant, excellently moisturizes the skin and alleviates fine lines and wrinkles;
A remarkable biological film-forming agent. Quickly relieves and depresses allergy;
Improves smoothness and softness of the skin without increasing viscosity.
Moisturizing agent, anti-wrinkle agent, film-forming agent, skin feeling regulating agent.
Suitable to lotion, gel, essence, emulsion, cream etc.
Water/Biosaccharide gum-1(Bioactive F-1000) is a biological polysaccharide. Generally, it is called “Fucoidan” because it contains plenty of L-fucose. Traditionally, Fucoidan has always been used as raw material for health and pharmaceutical products for its various biological effects such as anti clotting, reducing blood fat, depressing chronic renal failure, tumor, virus and ulcer, promoting tissue regeneration, enhancing body’s immune function, etc. In cosmetics industry, it is a new kind of agent for moisturizing, anti-wrinkling, skin repairing and skin feeling regulating.   

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