Water soluble dragosantol

Water soluble dragosantol

Property: Colorless and straw color ropy liquid, dissolved in water or glycerin. light smell.  
Mainly used in skin-care and skin-nurse cosmetic, water Solubledragosantol is used as active ingredient of cosmetic for protecting and nursing irritative skin, and adapting for sunscreen cosmetic, such as bathing liquid after bathing in sunshine and baby cosmetic, nursing products after shaved. Additionally, it may be added into buccal sanitation products such as tooth-paste andcollutory. 
Having good stability and compatbility with skin and fit for water-based cosmetic. Easily used without any issue. It is not change color and leak within plastic container during long-term preservation. Not only counteracting inflammation but resisting bacterium. 
Dosage: 0.5-2.0%.

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