Vipera russelli siamensis

Vipera russelli siamensis

Description: Vipera russelli siamensis is 1 m in length and weighed 1.5 kilograms. The head was wide of the triangle, with the obvious distinction between neck, short and wide circle. The squamula in head back is ribbed, with large nostrils, located in top kiss. The body back was gray brown, with 3 longitudinal great circle pattern, the central spot of each circle  for the purple or dark brown. Its abdomen is gray, with scattered dark brown spots.
Pharmacological Action: Its venom is a strong activator for  factor Ⅹ, combined with VX factor and platelet factor 3 (PF3) in the absence of the participation of factor Ⅶ to form exogenous prothrombin that will barrier the blood coagulation when lack of factor ⅡⅤX in checked plasma, and will speed up the blood coagulation when the content of normal factor ⅡⅤX in checked plasma.

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